Top Ten Unknown Soccer Players


The Top Ten

1 Bill Tuiloma

A great defender for his age and plays for Marseille in France and is a New Zealand player - ISCOCASILLAS

2 Reinaldo Brenes

One of timbers best player and is going to be on the first time - ISCOCASILLAS

3 Eric Miller

Miller future kid of the MLS his perfomance is great and outstanding and is a total first team player - ISCOCASILLAS

4 Mark Sherrod

Portland timbers just keep getting great players but Mark is a gifted one and is like a first team player - ISCOCASILLAS

5 Lassi Hurskainen

Lassi is well known for his youtube videos and plays for HIFK and shows great performance as a goalkeeper - ISCOCASILLAS

6 Neílton

This kid is well known as being the next Neymar and plays for Santos FC - ISCOCASILLAS

7 Kosta Barbarouses
8 Winston Reid
9 Chris Wood
10 Tommy Smith

The Contenders

11 Chris Killen
12 Michael McGlinchey
13 Šuljagić Rastko

Rastko is a hard working goalkeeper and is the future of goalkeeping and plays for VfB Stuttgart - ISCOCASILLAS

14 Shane Smeltz
15 Jeremy Brockie
16 Piyapong 'They Took' Peuon

Thai natural born goal scorer, still going strong!

17 Marco Rojas
18 Willo Flood
19 Adi Said V 1 Comment
20 Andrew Durante
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1. Bill Tuiloma
2. Reinaldo Brenes
3. Mark Sherrod
1. Winston Reid
2. Chris Wood
3. Tommy Smith



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