Top Ten Unknown Soccer Players


The Top Ten

1 Bill Tuiloma

A great defender for his age and plays for Marseille in France and is a New Zealand player - ISCOCASILLAS

2 Reinaldo Brenes

One of timbers best player and is going to be on the first time - ISCOCASILLAS

3 Mark Sherrod

Portland timbers just keep getting great players but Mark is a gifted one and is like a first team player - ISCOCASILLAS

4 Eric Miller

Miller future kid of the MLS his perfomance is great and outstanding and is a total first team player - ISCOCASILLAS

5 Lassi Hurskainen

Lassi is well known for his youtube videos and plays for HIFK and shows great performance as a goalkeeper - ISCOCASILLAS

6 Neílton

This kid is well known as being the next Neymar and plays for Santos FC - ISCOCASILLAS

Santos FC

7 Kosta Barbarouses
8 Winston Reid
9 Chris Wood
10 Tommy Smith

The Contenders

11 Chris Killen
12 Michael McGlinchey

"This dude is cool and is ok at soccer"

13 Eden Hazard Eden Hazard Eden Michael Hazard is a Belgian professional footballer who plays for Chelsea and the Belgium national team.

How is he unknown he plays for real madrid know


14 Jeremy Brockie

he sucks

15 Shane Smeltz
16 Šuljagić Rastko

Rastko is a hard working goalkeeper and is the future of goalkeeping and plays for VfB Stuttgart - ISCOCASILLAS

17 Marco Rojas
18 Piyapong 'They Took' Peuon

Thai natural born goal scorer, still going strong!

19 Andrew Durante
20 Willo Flood
21 Adi Said

A great player in brunei...plays for the only pro team in brunei Dpmm great determination n skills...should play in premier league because he surely can score goals...

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