Best Unknown Taylor Swift Songs

The Best Unknown Taylor Swift songs from her four albums, Red, Speak Now, Fearless and Taylor Swift.

The Top Ten

1 The Lucky One

Number One because it's so catchy, one of my favourites from Red and isn't a single. Jesus, why?

2 Haunted

One of the best song of Taylor... I wonder why its not famous... This song deserve to be on top!

Describes that moment when you have to let go of the person you love even if you are haunted.

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3 Better Than Revenge

This song is about getting revenge on a guy who cheated on her and I think we can all relate to that at some point.

4 Tied Together with a Smile

She wrote this in High school after finding out one of her best friends was bullimic. It's just tells you that even when you look like the perfect girl; you still have cracks.

5 Forever and Always

Perfect break up song. It's about Joe Jonas too.

6 I'd Lie

Should be number one on the list, I think every girl and even guys can relate to this.

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7 Last Kiss

Taylor voice in this is gorgeous. She sings the the lyrics with so much emotion. Definitely one of my favorites

Last kiss? Like Wayne Cochran's and Pearl Jams?

8 Highway Don't Care
9 Shake It Off

I hate this song

Unknown? Sure...

10 Come Back... Be Here

The Newcomers

? Christmas Must Be Something More

The Contenders

11 Crazier
12 Tim McGraw
13 Never Grow Up
14 Style
15 How You Get the Girl
16 Superstar
17 Sweeter Than Fiction
18 Jump Then Fall
19 Come in with the Rain
20 Dear John
21 Drops of Jupiter
22 Enchanted
23 Christmases When You Were Mine
24 I Know Places
25 Starlight
26 Stay Beautiful
27 Both of Us
28 Breathe
29 If This Was a Movie
30 Santa Baby
31 Love Story
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