Top Ten Unlucky Movie Characters


The Top Ten

1 Celie - The Color Purple
2 Det. Nordberg - The Naked Gun
3 Ernest P. Worrell - Ernest Franchise Ernest P. Worrell - Ernest Franchise
4 Stu - The Hangover Franchise
5 Christine Brown - Drag Me to Hell

After trying so hard to save her life...she dies - Ananya

The lesson here never anger a gypsy. - egnomac

6 Harry Potter - Harry Potter franchise

Hello? This guy got EVERYTHING. He was the most popular kid in school, got to go in a tournament he was to young for, was 'The Chosen One's and a lot of other things. And yet he's really whiny and irritating about how he has 'suffered'. This guy is a Gary Stu - TwilightKitsune

Harry lost both of his parents early in life, was forced to live with the Dursleys who flat out hated him and forced him live in a room under the stairs, in Chamber of Secrets he's nearly killed by Dobbys actions who claimed was trying to protect him, accidentally got Cedric Diggory killed, and also had to watch Serius Black, Dumboldore and even his own owl Hedwig die and making things even worst its later revealed that he's a Horcreuxe and in order to truly defeat Lord Voldermort he has to purpoly let him kill him. - egnomac

7 Norbit Rice - Norbit

Norbits life has been one bad break after the other but things really went from bad to worst the day Rasputia entered his life and forced him into being her boyfriend and later forced him into marrying her. - egnomac

8 Harry - Home Alone

He's had his head set on fire twice, shot in the groin, hit with a wrench, the face with a paint can and many more. - egnomac

9 Robert Muldoon - Jurassic Park
10 Marv - Home Alone

Oh the bricks! - Ananya

The Contenders

11 Red - Pineapple Express

The guy gets brutalized throughout the movie. - egnomac

12 Beni Gabor - The Mummy
13 Quint - Jaws
14 Eddie Carr - The Lost World: Jurassic Park

He didn't deserve to die

15 Scrat - Ice Age Scrat - Ice Age
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1. Celie - The Color Purple
2. Det. Nordberg - The Naked Gun
3. Ernest P. Worrell - Ernest Franchise


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