Unnamed Fortnite Locations That Should Be Named

Not including locations that used to be named but are still present on the island. (Greasy Grove, Flush Factory)

The Top Ten

1 Horton's House Horton's House
2 Adobe Village Adobe Village
3 Viking Village Viking Village
4 Race Track Race Track
5 Outskirts
6 Container Yard
7 Warehouses
8 Villain Lair
9 RV Park
10 Soccer Field Stadium

The Contenders

11 Volcano

its gone - ChuckLaunching

12 Risky Reels

In season 8, it showed up as a jungle Frosty Flights, but was unnamed in-game. - ChuckLaunching

13 Tomato Temple

Unnamed in Season 8, but still partially intact - ChuckLaunching

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