Top Ten Unnatural Eye Colors That We Wish Were Natural


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1 Red

Me having red eyes might as well be having two post-it notes on my face with "compensation" written on both of them. - nerffan8000

I wish this was my eye color. I'm getting red contacts though

I'd love having red eyes instead of hazel eyes... - CaptainMowzker

Wish I had Red eyes - TwilightKitsune

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2 Violet

Unfortunately, Alexandria's Genesis is fictional, so we have to stick to using colored contacts to get violet eyes. 'Real' violet eyes are actually more of a blue shade. - ResonatingScreamS

Yeah... - TheFourthWorld

3 Rainbow

I do regret what I just said but still I was about to apologise on my new post on the beginning of my 2nd semester in 8th grade and I wasn't like this before you see she Insulted my autism for the 1st time so yes I wouldn't say immature but very cruel GEEZ! Yet I was very triggered that I have to unleash my fullest wrath yet and this happened and if this whole community doesn't forgive me then they have no minds and brains at all

Because who doesn't wanna rock rainbow? - ResonatingScreamS

4 Golden

No, seriously, this would be beautiful. - ResonatingScreamS

5 Pink

As long as it's not fleshy pink or something. - ResonatingScreamS

6 Neon Blue

Blue is a natural color. But NEON BLUE would be awesome. - ResonatingScreamS

Very bright blue...

My eyes are here, but not the ones in this universe... - Cyri

7 Magenta
8 Neon Green

See Neon Blue for details. - ResonatingScreamS

Indeed.- Kevinsidis

9 Indigo Indigo

People can have this eye color.

10 Orange
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