Top 10 Most Unnecessary Inventions

These are useless and will not really greatly improve your life.

The Top Ten

1 Diet Water

Sounds like a marketing tool. - Cyri

Aren't you tired of water being unhealthy? Try diet water! - Martinglez

Let's make something healthy
Seemingly healthier!

2 Handerpants

Pants for your hands? genius! - Martinglez

3 Pet Rock

My pet rock Is awesome! he loves me so much! I need more friends...

A rock that you can have as a pet. The inventor of this is a millionare. No, really, he is. - Martinglez

You can just get a free one off the street - Ihateschool

This seems retarded - FerrariDude64

4 Full Body Umbrella

An umbrella that covers your whole body. - Martinglez

5 Chopstick Straws

Straws shaped like chopsticks. - Martinglez

6 Egg Cuber

Claims to make Square eggs! Just what Everybody needed! - Martinglez

7 Computer Privacy Scarf

I need one of dad constantly stares at my computer screen!

It allows you to see everything... on your computer screen. Too bad I can't see anything else, which might be needed in case someone came up and tried to murder me.

A scarf that you put around your head and the screen you are using so nobody sees what you are doing. - Martinglez

Haha this is ridiculously funny - Britgirl

8 Baby Mop

A mop suit you put on your Baby so he/she cleans when he/she is crawling around. - Martinglez

Unnecessary? But the maid didn't show up!

Imagine the contract demands once a labor union organizes the little tykes... - Billyv

9 Chopstick Fan

Cools your food in case it is too hot. - Martinglez

10 Butter Stick

A stick of glue that has Butter so you can put it on your Toast. - Martinglez

The Contenders

11 Schools
12 Fidget Spinner

I just got one free in a magazine, I kept hold of it and just spin it if I feel like.


13 Dishwasher

Unnecessary as you could use the time loading the machine and unloading by washing up anyway and you have to buy tablets for it and use electricity for it Rubbish

They're useless in Asian households because Asians don't even use them at all! They use them as storage space instead!

14 Bottled Water

Not if you go the gym.

15 Flying F**k RC Helicopter

Definitely Needed In Life - Jerry_Bob

Well, I have two quadcopter drones at home fitted with cameras!

16 Tall Water Bottle
17 Car-exhaust grill
18 Homework Homework
19 Cigarettes Cigarettes
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1. Diet Water
2. Full Body Umbrella
3. Handerpants
1. Diet Water
2. Handerpants
3. Full Body Umbrella
1. Pet Rock
2. Handerpants
3. Chopstick Straws


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