Top Ten Most Unnecessary Jobs

This is a list what I think are the most useless of professions.

The Top Ten

1 Futurist

What kind of list is this?

I actually think we're focusing more on cleaning our environment than developing a way to make airborne bikes... - Turkeyasylum

2 Librarian


Very Boring Job

3 Personal Trainer

What wrong with this

4 Postal Worker
5 Construction Indicator
6 Travel Agent
7 Gym Teacher

I wouldn't mind this job! Since my parents force me to exercise all the time, I can force others to do the same by yelling for them to do 1 million laps without stopping! >

8 Life Coach

I'll save you $$$. "It" rolls down hill, you can't P up a rope, stupid is as stupid does, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and life's tough, buy a helmet. Problems solved.

9 Chiropractor
10 Nutritionist

The Contenders

11 Shoe-Lace Cleaner

This is hilarious but I don't think this exists

Such occupation doesn't exist..only the ways do.. - Ananya

12 Fast-Food Drive-Through Operator
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