Top Ten Most Unnecessary Jobs

This is a list what I think are the most useless of professions.

The Top Ten


Futurist? As in psychic fortune telling?

What kind of list is this?

I actually think we're focusing more on cleaning our environment than developing a way to make airborne bikes... - Turkeyasylum



Very Boring Job

Personal Trainer

What wrong with this

Postal Worker
Travel Agent
Construction Indicator
Gym Teacher

I wouldn't mind this job! Since my parents force me to exercise all the time, I can force others to do the same by yelling for them to do 1 million laps without stopping! >

We had a bitch in the mid-seventies at Jefferson Junior High School, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Her name was Mrs. Mankowitz. She shamed the students who wore the wrong gym clothes (because they were too poor to wear Adidas or Nike).

Life Coach

I'll save you $$$. "It" rolls down hill, you can't P up a rope, stupid is as stupid does, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and life's tough, buy a helmet. Problems solved.


I’ll just ban all soda and severely limit junk food and sweets...SO EASY!

The Contenders

Shoe-Lace Cleaner

This is hilarious but I don't think this exists

Such occupation doesn't exist..only the ways do.. - Ananya

Fast-Food Drive-Through Operator

A.I., robotics and mechatronics etc will destroy their fortunes...

Paper Delivery
Porn Actor

Seriously this is THE most unnecesary job and yet so many people LOVE it what is wrong with our generation?

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