Top 10 Best Unofficial Fangames


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1 Sonic Mania (Sonic)

Thanks to the fans this gonna be released in 2017

This is a real game. - Nirocart

2 AM2R: Return Of Samus (Metroid)

As much as I love the Metroid series, this is easily my personal favorite game of that series by a long shot, which is really saying something. - xandermartin98

3 Metroid: Super Zero Mission (Metroid)
4 Super Metroid: Z-Factor (Metroid)
5 Spoopy Maryo
6 Mother 4 (Earthbound)
7 New Super Mario Forever
8 Super Metroid Eris (Metroid)
9 Cool Maryo
10 Psycho Waluigi (Mario)

The Contenders

11 Mario Minigame Mayhem
12 Super Mario's Super Quest
13 Radiation's Halloween Hack (Mother)
14 Paper Mario World
15 Super Smash Flash 2 (Super Smash Bros.)
16 Sonic's Adventure
17 Sonic Lost in Mario World
18 Russian Overkill (DOOM)
19 Super Sonic Motorbike (Sonic)
20 Five Nights At F***boy's (Five Nights At Freddy's)
21 Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure (Mario)
22 Chrono Resurrection (Chrono Trigger)
23 Kaizo Mario World (Mario)
24 Storyshift (Undertale)
25 Final Fantasy VII Reimagined (Final Fantasy)
26 Sonic Dreams Collection (Sonic)
27 Super Metroid Phazon (Metroid)
28 Super Metroid Redesign (Metroid)
29 Underswap (Undertale)
30 Underfell (Undertale)
31 Eggman Hates Furries (Sonic)
32 Sonic Megamix (Sonic)
33 Sonic After The Sequel (Sonic)
34 Outertale (Undertale)
35 Zelda: Parallel Worlds (Zelda)
36 Seven Human Souls (Undertale)
37 HELP_tale (Undertale)
38 Alphys NEO (Undertale)
39 Sonic.exe (Sonic)
40 Ben Drowned (Zelda)
41 MARIO (Mario)
42 Super Mario 64: Star Road (Mario)
43 Pokémon Uranium (Pokémon)
44 Super Metroid Impossible (Metroid)
45 Jenka's Nightmare (Cave Story)
46 Goldeneye Source (Goldeneye 007)
47 Undertale Simulator (Undertale)
48 Unitale (Undertale)
49 Undercook (Undertale)
50 Brutal DOOM (DOOM)
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1. Spoopy Maryo
2. New Super Mario Forever
3. Cool Maryo
1. Super Metroid: Z-Factor (Metroid)
2. Sonic Mania (Sonic)
3. AM2R: Return Of Samus (Metroid)


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