Most Unoriginal Koopalings

New Super Mario Bros U. Deluxe is on January 11th 2019 released on the Nintendo Switch and it's one of the games people are looking least forwad to on the console. One of the reasons due to the hatred towards the New Super Mario Bros. series. We will be looking this time at one of the things that made the series so hated in the first place, the koopalings, who are underlings of Bowser who have been critisized for doing almost the same thing as the bosses in many of the games, but who's the most unoirignal? Without further ado, let's start!

The Top Ten

1 Lemmy Koopa The youngest of the seven original children of the Koopa King. Lemmy has always been fascinated by the circus and acrobatic acts and so he's made it his life's calling. Lemmy dreams of showing the world his incredible physical feats and never passes up a chance to gain a captive audience. Though he more.

Yes he is that ball should go away

Lemmy is also above Larry? Yes, he is technically kinda like a rehash on the crazier Iggy Koopa. except he's more mild than him,and more if a circus variant, but we do not expect to take him seriously. With Iggy Koopa at lat he is so crazy he actually feels like a threat while Lemmy is "just out of control". Eh, I like him, but unoriginal is he certainly - darthvadern

Nintendo:Take the original Iggy from Super Mario Bros 3. Add a ball then take him to the fountain of youth and yay a Koopaling.
Me: Oh so that’s where Lemmy is from NOOO he is classic iggy in disguise

2 Larry Koopa Larry Koopa is the youngest koopaling. He first appeared in Super Mario Bros 3, which came out in 1990. He is known for his blue mohawk hair. He was created by Nintendo.

Of course you were expecting him to be high on the list, as he is quite unoriginal (although actually one of my favourite Koopalings). However when you think about it, his unoriginality is what makes him stick out with the other Koopalings, so he kinda is.. not unoriginal, unlike Roy and Lemmy who are mostly just rehashes on existing Koopalings - darthvadern

3 Roy Koopa Roy Koopa is one of the seven Koopalings. In the DIC cartoons Roy is called Bully Koopa. Roy has a tough guy demeanor, but wears pink which is most likely a reference to real men wear pink. Roy also wears hot pink sunglasses and from an angle it looks like he has no eyes.

Are you kidding? Roy is our boy. - Drawbox

Roy, Roy, Roy, the most unoriginal of the bunch by far! Unlike Larry, who might not have much personality, is at least not a rehash on another Koopaling, which yes is why Roy and Lemmy are put higher than Larry. So Roy Koopa. Not only my least favourite Koopaling, but also is jut a rehash on the better Morton Koopa Jr., except slightly smarter and more of a bully, also he wears pink and it just doesn't fit somehow. I used to think he was a girl because of this. I get it's suposse to stand for the whole "real men wear pink" slogan, but overall he's just not that cool to look at. So yeah, that makes him number #1 on my list - darthvadern

4 Morton Koopa Jr.

Now we are getting into the original Koopas of the list, I really like Morton. Why? I like his personality. He's the brawler without the brain character, and while that may seem cliché (and yes this is why I kept Wendy, Ludwig and Iggy below him) at least he is quite cool - darthvadern

5 Wendy O. Koopa Wendy O. Koopa is a female villain in the Mario Bros . Franchise . She is the only female member of the Koopalings and can usually be found assisting Bowser and Bowser Jr . on their wicked plans with the rest of the Koopalings . She first appeared in Super Mario Bros . 3 in 1988 and since then has been more.

Now we're getting into the really original stuff. Wendy O. Koopa is the only female of the bunch and has quite a good personality (in the video games) and unique boss battles, in which all are pretty excellent (aside from the one in 2, which was just a rehash on the Wii one). So yeah, she is original - darthvadern

6 Ludwig von Koopa Ludwig Von Koopa is a villain in the Super Mario Franchise. He is the self-proclaimed leader of the Koopalings and has a pompous and arrogant personality. He is said to have all the powers of the other six Koopalings. He can clone himself, cause earthquakes, teleport, and shoot lightning bolts from more.

Ludwig Von Koopa is certianly original, and one of my favourite Koopalings as well. He has a bossy personality and is the only Koopaling that always had excellent boss battles in the New Super Mario Bros. games, plus he had a great one in World as well! However, other than being bossy, he doesn't have too much going on, so that's why he isn't last - darthvadern

7 Iggy Koopa

Yes, Iggy rules the originality tier when it comes to Koopalings easly! Not only my favourite Koopaling, but the most original as well! He is truly crazy and a mad man with the craziest boss battles ever, and it actually feels like a threat and it's obvious. It's not like with Lemmy who is suposse to be a threat but comes off as just "out of control". Iggy Koopa is easly the most original Koopaling out of the bunch - darthvadern