Top 10 Most Unoriginal Mario Games

Mario games are known for being original, creative and very fun to play, very rarely are there any unoriginal mario games, however, some mario games are unfortuanely very unoriginal and bland to the point it's not that fun! This list will be based on the games level design, story and overall gameplay, so without further ado, let's start!

The Top Ten

1 New Super Mario Bros.U Deluxe

It's for people who didn't have a Wii U, not people who did have this game and just wanna play it on the go. - myusernameisthis

Darthvadern is a hypocrite, he defends Luigi's Mansion 3DS not being original because it's a port, yet he blames this game for being unoriginal even though it's a port too. - Gametoon

I never had a wii u so I don't know what it is like playing the og and then playing these (love the game so much though)

It’s for people who want to fight shell spinning projectiles again, even easier than the original

2 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Haven't played it but I see the unoriginality with it. The world themes are literally taken from NSMB and the story is generic. - Gametoon

Stupid and annoying. - myusernameisthis

Sticker Star, the one game that is almost always labelled as the worst Mario RPG, ad for good reason. It's unoriginal! This is a mario game that had potential but it was ruined because of unoriginality. I mean it did have potential. The whole sticker story could've worked if it hadn't getting ruined by awful battle system and super unoriginal story! It's just Bowser kidnapping Peach and beacoming a shiny version of himself with stickers (correct me if I'm wrong). This game feels so bland and boring as well. Instead of chapters like the first three games, the game is built up by world maps, ' world maps! Do you know what that reminds me of? New Super Mario Bros.! The worlds themself aren't any better either! It's just the same grass, desert forest, etc.! By far the most unoriginal mario RPG. - darthvadern

If this game had original characters it would've been better. But nope. Whoever at nintendo or intelligent systems thought the idea of no original characters should be fired.

3 New Super Mario Bros. 2

I like this game though. - Userguy44

NSMB Wii: We've got to have...MONEY. - Gametoon

Why is this game even a thing? I enjoy it, but it still has NO reason to exist other than money.

Ooh. So that's why the game is themed like that. - Drawbox

Besides, if you look at this comment it says that I enjoy the game. - Drawbox

Yeah this one I agree with. - B1ueNew

4 New Super Mario Bros. Wii

There is a ROM hack of the game called Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, and it's a LOT more original and what the game could've been!

Every new Super Mario bros game after the original on the DS is unoriginal - Randomator

Here is another New Super Mario Bros. game. the true second entry in the series. Despite being an excellent game, it's very generic and bland. While this is understandable since this was the first New Super Mario Bros. game on te home console, it's not an excuse for calling it unoriginal. The main problem is the gameplay is very bland in some cases. All of the worlds are the same grass, desert, water, etc. worlds from the first game in the series and it gets a bit boring after a while. The bosses are the Koopalings, however I'm ok with them since they hadn't made an appearence in a mario game since Superstar Saga on the GBA at the point this game was released. Overall, great game, but unoriginal - darthvadern


5 Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

Oh lord! Why? Mario, the franchise that is mostly known for being so original and creative with gameplay. They usually have excellent level design, great gimmicks, and if lucky, excellent stories (looking at Super Paper Mario), but sometimes mario games can get a little unoriginal, but most of the time it's not too bad since it can still be enjoyable (looking at Super Mario 3D Land). However, some games go so far to the point it's not even that enjoyable. The finest example is the first sequel to Super Mario Bros. Oh lord! There is nothing unique about this game! Everything, andI mean EVERYTHING is copied and pasted from the original! There's nothing new about this game (apart from the endless wind in certain levels). This game is so bland and boring! The music is the same as the first one! The enemies are the same, everything's the same! The only new things are thins that didn't need to be there! I mentioned the wind earlier, a stupid feature which makes it super hard to control ...more - darthvadern

This is basically a continuation from the original Super Mario Bros game only way too hard. - egnomac

Just made the original game harder. Barely changed anything except the wind - Randomator

6 Super Mario 3D Land

This is a game that people may or may not disagree with me. I my honest opinion, it's a really great game that is very enjoyable ad fun to play. However in terms of originality this game earns an F. I like the idea of mixing 2D and 3D Mario into one game as it was executed very well, however my problem is the level design! It's so bland and boring! They all feel uninspired and the same! And the levels that seem unique already have a gimmick from another game like the flippng panels levels! They were already used in Galaxy 2 and it was much better in that game! It's a very unoriginal game, but still great game! - darthvadern

How is Super Mario 3D World on your original mario games but this is unoriginal? What the heck? If anything it should be the other way around since this came out first. - B1ueNew

At least 3D World had a new story, excellent level design and a bigger roster, this game lacks all of that - darthvadern

7 New Super Mario Bros. U

Another New Super Mario Bros. game? Well it shouldn't be suprising. These games feel so similar to each other. However this was the most unique of the NSMB sequels to be honest. The idea of all worlds being connected to each other like in Super Mario World is great and I like how the story is somewhat different, because Bowser makes Peach's Castle into a lava world, and the worlds were a bit more unique than just generic worlds (looking at NSMBWii)! I mean the first world is forest-plains filled with acorns, and the jungle world is a spooky jungle with a ' Vincent Van Gogh level! I might making this game sound very original, but this is just a small part of the game. This game reused the same boss battles from the previous games and even Boom Boom is a boss (and he's as unoriginal as it can get), and most of the music is reused fro NSMBWii. However due to it being more original it's lower on the list - darthvadern

The New super mario bros series is never original. Only the first one was. - B1ueNew

I like this game, but it is still unoriginal. - Drawbox

The one good New Super Mario Bros game was the one on the DS. I do not know how it got this many installments - iliekpiez

8 New Super Luigi U

I don't even consider it to be its own game - darthvadern

Well, somehow, Nintendo considers it a main series title, so I guess... - Drawbox

How is this not here? It's basically just a harder version of NSMBU. - B1ueNew

It’s just a spin-off of nsmbu - Randomator

9 Super Mario 3D World

Played it to death on Wii U and wouldn't mind a sequel or port on Switch. - TheAwesomeBowser

Mostly the same gameplay as 3D land. Yeah there's a new story and all and a roster. But the roster isn't that creative either - B1ueNew

It's not that unoriginal - darthvadern

10 Mario Party 2

Ok, so I wasn't really going to include spin-offs in this list, but I just had to add it here! You guys probably already have heard me ranting on this atrocity countless times, but I'm going to do it agian because high-quality stuff. You see most Mario Party games have their own minigames, boards and music that helps them stand out from one and another. However, this game is so unoriginal I don't really see that much of a difference between this and the original! While this game had its own boards and the "so awesomne" costumes, half of the minigames are just copied from the original! And I'm not even trying to sound dumb here! There were so many minigames just copied and pasted from the original, but wait, the settings are different, yay, so original (not)! I mean you can't tell me Mario Party 8 was that unoriginal, it was very different from its predecessors and had its own cool and creative boards and minigames that really helped it stand out. Not even The Top 100 is that ...more - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Mario Hoops 3 on 3
12 Luigi's Mansion (2018)

How is this unoriginal? It's a remake of the first game, it's not suppose to be super different! - darthvadern

13 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

It's not suppose to be different! It's a remake! - darthvadern

14 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.

In my opinion, the second most unoriginal mario RPG is Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. Despite being way more original and fun than Sticker Star, the story and level design is what makes this game earn the number #7 spot. The game has a cool concept that a paper world inside a book accidently sends out a whole world to the normal mario world, it's very unique that, however, the problem is that the game uses the same Peach gets kidnapped story! It makes the game somewhat uninteresting and boring. Luckily due to the great music, excellent papercraft battles and good gameplay, I really recommend this game to you because at least it's not the Sticker Star of the Mario & Luigi series, it's still a great game - darthvadern

I own this game, and I have to say, it's kinda boring. I'm planning to sell it at GameStop for some cash. - IceFoxPlayz

How is it unoriginal? It's a cross between The 2 mario RPGs - B1ueNew

15 Mario Party: The Top 100

Kinda, it's a bit rushed - darthvadern

16 Mario Party: Star Rush

How is this even unoriginal? If this game's on the list then we should add all "classic" mario party games on the list! No offense but I bet the guy/girl who added this is just a butthurt classic mario party fanboy - darthvadern

17 Super Mario Galaxy

Mario in space. Yawn

How is this unoriginal - Randomator

It's Mario 64 and Sunshine with none of the good parts of them

False, have you even played it?

18 Super Mario Party

Now you see why Mario Party needed a change after Mario Party 8. This game was so unoriginal despite trying it's hardest to be original - darthvadern

No, Mario Party never needed a change. 9 & 10 would've been so much better if they didn't have the garbage car mechanic. - TheAwesomeBowser

This game is what brought people back to Mario Party, yet darthvadern is still trying to defend the garbage that was 9 & 10. Seriously, stop it, it's already getting old. - TheAwesomeBowser

In your opinion. Just respect that I prefer the modern entries please. The mario party controversy ended in January last year, you don't need to bring it up again. - darthvadern

19 New Super Mario Bros.

The first New Super Mario Bros. game was also the most original. This game was the one that brought back 2D Mario and it had great level design, good bosses and great music! It's somewhat original, but at the same time it's somewhat uninteresting, the worlds can get boring after a while and the plot is the same Peach gets kidnapped story. So it stays at the number #9 spot in my opinion - darthvadern

Peach gets kidnapped in every main series mario game except 3D World. I don't know what your talking about Darth. - B1ueNew

Don't you think this game would've been more original if it had a more creative story? Also the final boss of the game was very underwhelming - darthvadern

This game sits right in the middle for me. It’s not as bad as the rest of the New series but it doesn’t get the same praise as the older games. It doesn’t really have its own identity - Randomator

20 Super Mario Maker

Really, people? So a few fan games were made (and probably shut down soon after). So? Why in the Mushroom Kingdom should that stop Nintendo from releasing an official one? - TheAwesomeBowser

The point is that you make your own Mario game. Some of the levels are extremely original and fun to play. Overall, this was a pretty great game. - iliekpiez

No, there has been tons of level editors on the internet, not that original - darthvadern

Super Mario Bros. X, Super Mario 63, Super Mario Flash duology and Lunar Magic, and Nintendo claims a Mario level editor was their original idea.

21 Mario Kart: Super Circuit

What? This is anything but unoiriginal! Sure the roster's the same as previous game but it introduced retro tracks, had the most tracks (until 8) and it's the only game in the series to have quick run! That sounds original if you ask me - darthvadern

22 Mario Kart Tour

Not to mention Pink gold Peach was added recently!

It has the Koopalings this game will suck I had enough of them appearing in every single game

23 Super Mario Bros.

Oh, for Mario's sake... - TheAwesomeBowser

So on my list of most original mario platformers I got a lot of questions on why I didn't have the game on the list, many people said it should've been the number one item on that list becuase it started the series. While that is certainly true, it doesn't change the fact that the game itself plays rather boring and stale. The fact that there's only a total of four songs and four types of levels (Overworld, Underground, Underwater and Castle) in the game proves that this game did play it kinda safe. The boss battles are also all just Bowser (even though the first seven are minions disguising as Bowser)! So yeah, this game isn't the most original out of the bunch (but at least it's not as unoriginal as the games above) - darthvadern

How is this unoriginal in any way? It's the FIRST one. Seriously lack of content doesn't make it unoriginal besides it was in the early 80s. Of course it wasn't going to have content. - B1ueNew

I really only had I here because I wanted to express why I didn't have it on my previous list - darthvadern

The first one was unoriginal!? Really!? - MrCoolC

No, not really, I just wanted to express why I didn't have it one my other list - darthvadern

24 Super Mario Bros 2

They just replaced all the main characters from the original title Doki Doki Panic with Mario characters and renamed it Super Mario Bros 2 since the original sequel was way too difficult. - egnomac

25 Super Mario Run

It has Daisy therefore trash

So you hate this game just because you don't like Daisy? That's stupid. - TheAwesomeBowser

To be fair I wasn’t expecting a lot from this game to begin with - Randomator

26 Mario Party 10
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