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1 Hydreigon Hydreigon Dark/Dragon pokemon, thought to be similar to Hydra. Drei is german for three, as in the name it relates to the head count of the stage of evolution. Do not let this pokemon near fairy type pokemon.

Hydreigon is the one and only Pseudo Legendary in the wonderful region of Unova. Fairy types kind of body this thing, but life orbed Flash Cannon would like to say otherwise. This monster also has access to moves like Surf, Draco Meteor, Tri Attack, Hyper Voice, Earthquake, Focus Blast, U-Turn, Rock Slide, THE LIST GOES ON! Hydreigon can most likely outspeed most Fairy Types so they aren't a problem. Slap either a Life Orb or a Choice Scarf and you have yourself a winning battle - GenoMaster101

He's amazing...
Has so many great moves and a massive special attack stat. He can run scarf to make up for his speed and he has you turn to get out of sticky situations. He is also based of a Hydra! Never have I seen such a epic concept.

Dude he has dragon power
He's better then dragonite
The loser

My favorite Pokémon in every game. Hydreigon is a beast.

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2 Emolga Emolga

The best Pokemon by far! So cute so strong it makes Pokemon send out a SOS in minutes!

Cute flying and and it a electric type

Emolga is so awesome!

She is too cute I have a crush on it

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3 Samurott Samurott

He is epic can take out both starters in one shot. And I always pick the water type starter because it can knock out the starter with highest stats which is always fire. And I mean come on emolga krookodile and hydreigon would all be one shotted by the same move BLIZZARD. Samourrott should be number one because it would thrash the three ahead of it.

It's the most well rounded starter in the games. It has pretty good defenses, and has really good attack moves. Plus, it's adorable.
What more could you want?

It can beat most types with the right set of moves. It already has excellent stats and you get it as a starter. So it definitely deserve to be the best. Also leveling it up is also not quite tough

Sammurott cannot defeat emolga but samurott is still cool and behave

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4 Krookodile

Krookodile is the powerhouse of my team! He slaughtered the elite 4 and the champion. The entire evolution line is great but the final product is beast!

This Pokemon is great. And how is lignite ahead if emboar. Emboar should be top 10. This Pokemon can learn so many different kinds of attacks it's crazy. Krookodile is the best

Epic my favorite Pokemon EVER

Krookodile could be 1 punchdile stronger than saitama or onepunch man

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5 Haxorus

If you use dragon dance then outrage you can one hit kill anything, I even one shot my friends reshiram

Haxorus Is Awesome. Espiailly Since I think he's the only dragon Type that can learn Guillotine

Haxorus is just a beast

Haxorus can play the exact same role as my dragonite (outrage, dragon dance, lum berry) but he's EVEN BETTER because he learns poison jab for fairies and superpower for Klefki and Mawile

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6 Leavanny

Leavanny will always be special to me as sewaddle was my first shiny xx

Who cares about it's quad weakness to fire and flying. Just don't pit it against those types :P

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7 Serpirior

Now, Serpirior is amazing, on my game he is level 82 and has rarely fainted. Serpirior is the best starter Pokemon you can have.

Serperior is so amazing he can knock-out all the pokemon but not the legenderys my friend said that lampents last stage is faster than serprior and he is but he is right but that's because he uses flamethrower and ember to make him go faster and serperior uses his body to go fast.

Its great because its hp and attack both are good

My favourite Pokemon. Its great Regal snake like design blends in with its fairly high speed. Its far to underrated in my opinion. The most underrated Pokemon is every Pokemon in Unova :). I love all the starters of every region (except for Charmander (No sarcasm))

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8 Zoroark

Zoroark has been my favorite Pokemon mainly because he's so beast. The bad thing about his ability Illusion is that you can't see his awesome looks. But still, he's the the best Unova Pokemon in my opinion.

Zoroark is an excellent dark type, especially when you consider its effectiveness against two of the members of the elite four.

Zoroark can learn flame thrower, That takes care of serperior and can easily fool the Marshal, Get a psychic Pokemon at back of party, Make marshal thing it's a psychic Pokemon and use aerial ace on dem all until lucario comes, then just use focus blast, Goodbye Lucario.

I don't know, I always win in Pokemon Showdown (random battle) if Zoroark in my team~

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9 Scraggy

Cutest thing going, how can you not love something that pulls its pants up?! Pretty strong too and has a great movepool!

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10 Pignite Pignite

Where is emboar while pignite is at top ten

Pignite is super cool. Between tepid and emboar, my emboar is currently lv72. I beat the elite four, N, and ghestis. And guess where this emboar came from? A pignite that owned all the gyms!

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11 Reshiram Reshiram

I have Reshiram and he's level 71 but he beat my friend's level 100 samurott when my reshiram had 1 health and samurott had full health! (my reshiram used... Extrasensory!

My reshiram is level 100 knows draco meteor/fusion flare/outrage/and blue flare and has defeated the champion on his own with outrage

He's the best Pokemon out there AND the legendary of Pokemon black! How can he not be the best?!

Reshiram held his own against Zekrom in the movie AND is a tough force to go against

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12 Victini Victini

He's the Victory Pokemon, who can win any battle. He's also really cute. And, his signature move is the most powerful move ever created bar explosion and self destruct.

He's amazing and is supposed to be number 1

Victini is the cutest legendary in the world in my opinion v create is just awesome 180 damage best move ever.

Victini can make other Pokemon as strong as it can.

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13 Zebstrika

My Zebstrika was an amazing Pokemon! I used her as my main Pokemon and I blew through the Elite Four and later on the Champion just with her!

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14 Zorua Zorua

If Pokemon were real, this little dude would be my partner. Or Torchic. Or I could just take Xerneas or Virizion and go like YOU'RE MINE NOW, LADY!

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15 Serperior
16 Archeops
17 Volcarona

Bug and Fire got me past basically the elite four! Also it is very underrated by some. Also catching it by a level 70 is difficult as it is!

Great Pokemon with the fire bug combo. It may be 2X weak to Rock, but that is a fairly rare type nowadays. Most choose steel wich v can totally shred. Swept alder, iris, cheren, Bianca and 2 of my National championship calibur buddies with this thing. Enough said

Its fast and hits hard and has a great design enough said

Don't know why this wasn't at the top 10

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18 Eelektross

Has no weaknesses having the ability Levitate, seeing as Ground is the only supereffective type to this monstrous being of awesomeness - gorilladanny

No weaknesses due to levitate, makes it an awesome Pokemon ^. ^
Pretty awesome Pokemon in general too, have one on my team

19 Emboar Emboar

Got heat crash and head smash which makes him a strong attacking pokemon

Tepid was my very first Pokemon and emboar is just awesome we destroyed everyone. He had really strong moves and always helped the team

You can't go wrong with emboar as a starter, but I chose snivy because there are no other good grass types

You are so wrong. You know that he is awesome

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20 Chandelure

I think this is a very powerful Pokemon

Amazing special attack. but it has a lot of weaknesses, and slower than some. making it an easy OHKO Pokemon before it can get a hit in. not the best, but don't count it out!

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