Top 10 Best Unpopular Games On Roblox In 2015

List of the best Unpopular games on ROBLOX.
Do not troll like add Kohl's Admin House

The Top Ten

1 Demon's Destiny

Really Fun, It's one of the most advanced RPG games so far but it's still in WIP so it's trash but its still original - TenTents

oml hi - TenTents

2 Firefighters!

One of the most unique games in roblox, and when it's unique it's really well made - TenTents

3 Attack Of The Slimes

Fun but get bored really soon - TenTents

Wish I could play cri

4 Boss Fighting Stages

This game is really epic yet common game again as sword fighting is common but the bosses have special skills and you do not see many games with bosses having special skills. Usually Bosses will just have a big text in your screen and then normal fights - TenTents

Boss Fighting Stages is one of those games that is underlooked just because of how old it is. Overall, it's a very excellent game.


Really advanced. - TenTents

6 Dragon Ball Zenkai

Burst there's bust at the end

Roblox Version of Dragon Ball Xenoverse - TenTents

7 Space Knights

Slicing Blocky Flying things with galactic lasers is enjoyable but will get boring as there are only 3 kinds of Blocky Flying Aliens - TenTents

8 Age Of War

Fun without exploiters but when there is no exploiters it is fun. Like you must donate your points to the base and then you can go advance your technology. It's good but team fighting is pretty common. - TenTents

9 Speed Run 4
10 Devil Beater

Really great game overall, super fun. The admins and creator are really nice. Once you offically get into the community, you will be able to joke around and have fun with everybody!

Best sister game to BFS!


This game was inspired by boss Fighting stages. only the differences is:

- Over 40 playable characters to play!
- This game's default difficulty is hard.
- Mafia-style teams!
- Many bosses to battle with!
- References and Easter eggs ingame!
- etc.

The Contenders

11 Bloxlore RPG

Not too fun but original - TenTents


12 Laser Tanks
13 Defend the Statue from Noobs

It's a good game kinda sucks when u play to much that u get bored

14 Poop World

It is disgusting, the whole world is BROWN, and there is poop trails and everything is POOP!

I wanna puke its as bad as Pee World


15 Big Brother

It's VERY fun, I play it all the time... I wish they(Game creator) would add more updates than just foucusing on their newer and most popular game survivor :/

16 Project: Pokemon

Project pokemon is so fun

Project Pokemon is a wonderful game for Pokemon fans to spread their childhood on this wonderful game!

17 Keyboard Hero: Arena

Idea really common but the first game that came up with this.
Basically type in the monster name as fast as you can to do more damage until knocked out - TenTents

ahh - TenTents

18 Muffin Kombat: War Without End

Defending a base against waves of NPC swarms (some of them looks like muffins)

19 Pee World
20 Bullet Hell

Very fun game

21 Kohl's Admin House

Reason why kohls admin house is unpopular is because everyone bullies each other like punishing them all or trapping them at the spawn by walls

My friend always plays this and I find it boring

22 Survival 303
23 Block Climber
24 Doctor Who: Tardis Flight Classic

A game on roblox made by keyboarder.

It is a roleplay game based on the british series Doctor Who. it is very well made. and a great game for roleplaying. one of my favorite games.

25 Hex

Fun shootin game (was popular I guess but its forgotten.+. )

26 Blockiverse

Last time I checked it was beta.
This game is pretty funny, it's like Blockland,yet in Roblox,it's made very well and you actually have to use teamwork to beat the boss.
My opinion:

27 Jailbreak

These are all bad apart from firefighters

28 Just Run
29 Skyblox

The best game made by CrazyBlox. Me and my friend used to play it all the time

30 Find the Domos

One of the best roblox games by the creator of the famous game "Tower Battles" I don't know why its unpopular it has 50 players at most and some times it has 0

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