Top Ten Unpopular OC Animators On YouTube

Here are some animators on youtube who aren't that popular, but good

The Top Ten

1 Splashkittyartist

AMAZING! No one can compare her!

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2 Alurya
3 VanillaBridgeGang
4 Faustina A.
5 Wolfy Love
6 Makbrok mtizzle
7 InSaNityThiefwoLfXR
8 TheRealAussieKitten
9 Spottedleaflover
10 Cookie paws

The Contenders

11 Juvgey joo
12 Assinblackflag
13 Betty Kitten
14 Hugothewolf!
15 William Stamper (StamperTV)

Despite the fact that he isn't the most prolific internet animator, stamper is a monstrously talented and his work is hilarious; I'm surprised that he hasn't already been added.

16 LupisVulpes
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