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41 Gravity Falls is worse than Breadwinners
42 Scooby Dum is a Lot Worse Than Scrappy Doo
43 The Sega Saturn is Better Than the PlayStation 1
44 Sonic 3 & Knuckles was way better than Sonic 2

It should be the other way around

45 Scar is the most overrated villain in the history of Disney
46 Ocarina of Time is even more overrated than Undertale and Final Fantasy VII

Oot isn't too bad compared to Undertale. I'm serious.

It Is More Overrated, That's Fact Not Opinion - Du

47 Undertale's graphics don't look all that bad, and all of the modern gamers need to stop whining about them

It looks a hell of a lot better than Final Fantasy VII for sure. - xandermartin98

They are almost as bad as ET's graphics.

They really are horrible...

48 Superman 64 is worse than E.T.

I have actually seen a list on this sight that proves this statement wrong!

Big rigs is worse than both - ikerevievs

E.T is just a meh, it's irritating but it's nowhere near as bad as any other licensed game, Big Rigs, any My Little Pony game, etc.

Atari games were bad, so ET was bad. It was also made at the beginning of gaming.
But Superman 64 has no excuse. It was on an amazing console, with some of the best games of their series on it, like Super Mario 64 and Kirby 64.
So Superman 64 is worse, in my opinion.

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49 The original Half-Life was more innovative than Half-Life 2
50 Conker's Bad Fur Day is the most overrated game on the Nintendo 64

Nope. OOT is the most overrated. - shawnmccaul22

51 Super Smash Bros. Melee is even more overrated than Brawl
52 Sonic is a kind of okay series

Okay, it only gets remembered for it's tiny amount of failures!

Nope. It's amazing

53 Hotel Mario is kind of fun

Don't hate me too much, but this is actually true.
"All toasters toast toast" LOL!

54 Sue is probably one of the weaker characters in Cave Story
55 South Park is definitely beginning to lose its touch
56 Star Wars Episode III was a pretty legit badass film

Whoever has this opinion needs to remember Darth Vader's no scene.

57 Michael Bay's TMNT film wasn't all that bad

If it wasn't for Megan Fox being April, the ugly character design, and the 9/11 poster, then it would have been good. Too bad Michael Bay had to make it. - RalphBob

58 The Lorax movie remake could have been a lot worse, as god-awful as it was

At least it had good animation. - Eraser

59 Clarence is awesome

I like the show Clarence. I know some people hate it but I respect those opinions. Teen Titans Go is the worst show on CN - Lunala

60 Frozen is almost as overrated as the Lion King

What are you talking about? Frozen being overrated is the popular opinion, liking it is what's unpopular.

So you're saying that Frozen is liked by many? Nope, this opinion is popular, I find this film to be the worst.

Except that The Lion King will always be worse and more overrated.

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