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101 Rocko's Modern Life had the perfect series length for what it was
102 I want the old SammyClassicSonicFan back

Same. He was hilarious and mad now he's a chill and collected. He's not good anymore...

103 Nicolas Cage gets way too bad of a rap as an actor
104 Earthbound had pretty decent graphics
105 The plot in Earthbound felt almost nonexistent to me
106 Super Metroid was way too easy
107 Metroid: Zero Mission should have been a Super Metroid remake
108 The Wario Land series needs more love V 1 Comment
109 Cave Story and Shovel Knight are almost evenly matched as games
110 Cave Story was not very good as an actual game
111 Fallout 3's game mechanics almost ruined the entire game for me
112 Duke Nukem Forever could have been a lot worse
113 Cilan is awesome

Cilan from the Pokemon ANIME is awesome. I don't know about the games because I have never played any of them.

V 2 Comments
114 Fifty Shades of Grey is actually a nice romance story

Nope. - RalphBob

Oh heck no - Eraser

115 Twilight is better than Harry Potter

The day I die. Just kidding, never.

V 1 Comment
116 Cannibal Holocaust isn't really that disturbing and gross

Who would even say that? - PerfectImpulseX

117 The remake of Halloween is better than the original
118 Rosalina sucks

I wouldn't say sucks, but I don't like her. - RalphBob

119 I like Pokemon blue more than red
120 I prefer the Olaf from Advance Wars over the one from Frozen

I pefer the one from "A Series of Unfortunate Events" - shawnmccaul22

Who doesn't?

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1. Pokémon Red/Blue is probably the overall worst game in the main series
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3. Cream the Rabbit is not freaking sexy
1. Voltron Was the "Battle of the Planets" for the 1980's
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