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1 Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the best game in the series

Most people agree with this. - RalphBob

I like SSBM, but it's overrated as hell.

2 Xenoblade Chronicles was too short
3 Bioshock Infinite was hardly any more or less pretentious than the games before it
4 The Genocide Sans boss fight in Undertale was too easy
5 Mario Kart 8 was a huge improvement over Mario Kart Wii

I don't think it was that big of an improvement, but I do think that it was better - Martinglez

I like both but “Mario Kart 8” isn’t that big of an improvement. - 3DG20

6 Final Fantasy VII actually aged surprisingly well for what it is
7 I preferred Twilight Princess' art style over the Wind Waker one
8 Conker's Bad Fur Day is hugely overrated and unfunny, regardless of what the target audience was intended to be

I'm going to be honest here; even the movie Freddy Got Fingered was unironically a million times funnier than this game. - xandermartin98

This game is also one of the reasons why Rare left Nintendo and was bought by Microsoft. I find it ironic that nostalgists who favor Rare with Nintendo prefer CBFD over Star Fox Adventures.

9 Minecraft and FNAF aren't overrated, they're just overexposed

And overrated

FNAF is just overrated. - pugiscool

Minecraft is 30% overrated but fnaf is overrated by the way I’m a Robloxian.

ew fnaf

10 Splatoon was basically the Wii U's equivalent to Destiny, only without the ridiculous 500-million-dollar budget

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11 F-Zero Was Better Than Mario Kart, Even If the Latter is a Way Bigger Franchise

I actually agree with this. - shawnmccaul22

12 Pokemon Go is the Worst Pokemon Game Ever.

It was a good idea executed very poorly. - PerfectImpulseX

I don’t know all the “Pokemon” games, but so far, I agree with this. - 3DG20

13 Waluigi is actually a pretty cool Mario character that Nintendo really needs to do a lot more with

I agree with the Nintendo needs to do more with Waluigi part. Waluigi being Cool? Maybe - Randomator

14 Megalovania is undoubtedly THE most overrated final-boss theme of all time

Don't stone me for this, but I agree that it is overrated. - shawnmccaul22

15 It's actually the Zelda fanbase's fault that Twilight Princess ended up being so ridiculously emo


16 There are no overpowered characters in Smash 4
17 Overwatch isn't that great

Never heard this one before

18 Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge is the Best Mega Man Game.
19 Mario Odyssey isn’t the best Mario game. Mario Galaxy is.
20 Twilight Princess was a much better Zelda game than Ocarina Of Time
21 I was actually perfectly fine with Undertale's fanbase until the Alphys X Amalgamates shipping happened

Don't remind me (reaches for the brain bleach) - xandermartin98

I never liked the “Undertale” fanbase. - 3DG20

22 The Genocide Undyne boss fight in Undertale was too easy

Actually I found the normal Undyne harder than the Geocide Undyne...

23 Sonic 2006 is actually somewhat good due to how incredibly badly designed and programmed it is

Amen brother

24 Undertale's graphics actually look extremely well-made for a game that was put together using Game Maker
25 As much as I love games like Shovel Knight and Undertale, putting them into a full-sized Wii U game case is a bit much
26 Metroid Prime: Federation Force was bound to happen at some point
27 Metroid and F-Zero both need a revival vastly more than Earthbound does at the moment
28 Alphys is probably the worst main character from Undertale

Say that it a website and prepare for death threats.

29 The final boss fight of Bully wasn't lame or disappointing at all
30 Hotel Mario is actually a somewhat fun and enjoyable game, and not just because of the cutscenes

Just because "I hope she has lotsa spaghetti! "

31 Fallout 3 is an overrated, unpolished train wreck of a game, and so is Oblivion
32 There is hardly any difference between Counter-Strike and Call Of Duty, contrary to popular belief by Valve fanboys
33 Mother 3 is nowhere near as sad and depressing of a game as it was made out to be
34 Slippy Toad is one of the cutest Star Fox characters

And actually does a good job on helping Fox out by analyzing enemy shields, and he's also the main character of Star Fox Guard.

35 Mettaton's legs should have been sexier
36 Alphys did nothing wrong
37 Endogeny is the best dog in Undertale, hands down
38 Sonic Adventure 2 aged absolutely horribly and is far from being the best Sonic game

As much as I liked the game, it doesn't help that it introduced the most overrated Sonic character ever.

Best Sonic game ever hands down though

39 Sonic 3 & Knuckles is a way better game than Sonic 2, period


40 I would rather play Sonic 2006 than Sonic CD
41 Undertale is quite possibly the closest that any mainstream indie game has ever come to officially living up to its hype
42 Nintendo clearly does not have the first clue how to make a balanced multiplayer game, and we should definitely stop trusting them to do so
43 The anti-gravity was possibly the weakest aspect of Mario Kart 8
44 Master Chief is a bland and dull husk of a character who is basically white bread in power armor
45 Captain Falcon is at least equally as hot as Samus Aran
46 Luigi is the most overrated character in the entire Mario franchise
47 I liked Mettaton better when he was in his box form
48 Regardless of Temmie's existence, Alphys is by far the cutest character in Undertale
49 Papyrus is a vastly more overrated character than Sans
50 The Mario & Luigi series was never really that funny, even in the Saturday-morning cartoon sense
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1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the best game in the series
2. Xenoblade Chronicles was too short
3. Bioshock Infinite was hardly any more or less pretentious than the games before it


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