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By now, I'm convinced that ALL my opinions (ALL of them!) are COMPLETELY unpopular, NO MATTER WHAT! EVERYONE I know (not just online) says that different opinions are a GOOD thing, and I'm the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD who's convinced that they're NOT GOOD AT ALL! So here it is. All the reasons why I'm convinced that NOTHING I believe is true, EVEN WHEN I BELIEVE IT!

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1 There is NO SUCH THING as a right opinion!

Everyone says opinions can't be wrong, because they aren't facts, but that only PROVES to me that they are wrong! I tried submitting this list yesterday, but it WOULD. NOT. SAVE! And I keep thinking it's because EVERYTHING I write is WAY TOO LONG! So I'm trying to keep it short this time, SO THAT IT WILL SAVE! - Disney1994

Then why on earth do you consistently act as though it should be law to like Liv and Maddie? Quite the hypocrite. - Sop

Mitchell...No one's saying anything anymore...It's okay, calm down, man. - Ananya

Look bro, you're still doing this?

We all have the same problems, just that you don't deal it very well to be honest. I've had the same problems too but I don't get hate and just find something that we agree on. You just need to deal with problems more maturely and that's how you'll get respect.

That said, I gave you advice and how to change but you're still doing the same thing, I also defended you and stuff but you took it for granted, which is something no one should ever do to me. You're still the same insecure person in the inside and I'll just state this: That's the last time I'm helping you. I can't help you if you won't take my advice so, sorry I'm out. - AlphaQ

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2 Sin and opinion are LITERALLY the EXACT SAME THING!

NO ONE I know believes this. I tried telling my brother Ryan ALL ABOUT my worst secrets (if you've seen Best Fetishes you'll know what I'm talking about) yet he STILL doesn't believe I'm wrong. I'm convinced that even God hates Liv and Maddie, yet when I tell my parents that, they STILL don't believe it. Yet I DO! Like I said, I'm keeping this brief this time, or else this would be longer (it was last time). - Disney1994

So liking something makes you go to hell? Sin is a human concept and opinion is something you think? - Lucretia

Probably the greatest troll of all time. - DCfnaf

But isn't this list item an opinion itself? Just saying... - Drawbox

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3 EVERYONE'S a hypocrite about SOMETHING.

I'm ALWAYS telling people this, and they DON'T BELIEVE IT! I told them ALL about how Liv and Maddie can be just as awful as Sanjay and Craig, and they STILL don't think it's wrong OR hypocritical to like Liv and Maddie AND hate Sanjay and Craig. But I always KNEW that they BOTH would be hated OR LIKED for the SAME REASONS! I'm STILL convinced that it's true. Like I said, this was originally much longer. - Disney1994

This is actually kinda true - ReltihFloda

4 If you like something that's objectively awful, you WILL go to hell for it. Same for if you hate it and it's objectively GOOD!

You've probably heard this before, but I'm convinced that EVERYTHING I like is HATED, AND that everything I hate is LIKED! Because it's TRUE! Remember when DCfnaf said I shouldn't feel bad for hating Sanjay and Craig? I DO! Because I had to admit in the end it wasn't ALWAYS as bad as I said it was, even when I THOUGHT it was! And that's why I feel EVEN WORSE when Cartoonfan202 and ModernSpongeBobSucks said that they ALWAYS hated Liv and Maddie, because it only PROVES I was WRONG to have EVER LIKED IT! I WANTED to believe it was the wholesome, charming, family friendly show I said it was. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE! But then I find out that it was ALWAYS hated! HOW is THAT supposed to make me feel better? IT DOESN'T! And sometimes, I get the feeling that shows like Liv and Maddie are hated for the WRONG reasons, such as people hate it BECAUSE they hate wholesome things, or shows about girls, OR BOTH! But then I realized I was WRONG even when I THOUGHT I was right! And now I'm ...more - Disney1994

Most of us used to like a bunch of television shows when we were young, so we will all go to hell. - Drawbox

Actually I like Sanjay and craig and liv and maddie - Adventurur2

It’s just an opinion. Be glad you like them! - MissRWBY202

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5 It's better NOT to be alive AT ALL, then to live the WORST life EVER!

I would have NO SHAME or guilt knowing I was NEVER born if I wasn't. If Liv and Maddie was MEANT to be as hated as it is, at least I'd know it's NOT my fault. But most of the time, IT IS! I wrote like 50 comments about it on the Best T.V. Shows, and most of the time, they're copied from other comments on TheTopTens, INCLUDING MY OWN! At least if it was MEANT to be hated AND underrated, IT WOULD BE! And Sanjay and Craig is like this too, because I ALSO wrote comments about Sanjay and Craig on the Worst T.V. Shows. But even other people said what I WANTED to believe: that EVERY episode of Sanjay and Craig is bad. But I actually liked three, two of which were from the first season. I DIDN'T WANT TO LIKE SANJAY AND CRAIG! But then I did, and I'm STILL convinced that that's wrong. I'd have NO SHAME in NOT being alive, knowing that EVERYTHING was the way it SHOULD have been WITHOUT ME! As usual, I'm getting too long, so on to the next item. - Disney1994

If you're depressed, you need treatment for that first... - styLIShT

Looks like somebody is still an Emo... - AlphaQ

Will you please stop wishing that you were not alive? You are a wonderful person, and you can live a successful, amazing life. It's just that you should stop getting upset over people having a different opinion than you. People will like you better if you did not hate your life over different opinions. - anonygirl

6 Humans are ALWAYS horrible people, AND they have WRONG opinions!

Remember my Reasons Why People Suck? It was about EVERYONE, INCLUDING ME! It was MEANT to show why people are horrible. And as of now, I'm STILL trying to tell my parents about ALL the horrible stuff I've done behind their back, EVEN WHEN I KNOW IT WAS WRONG! But they don't believe I'm the horrible person I say I am, and that the people who DO believe that just don't know me, but I'm trying to tell them about how I have WAY more enemies than friends, and I ALSO need to tell them how sometimes, even my friends don't like what I like. I NEVER thought I'd have to befriend someone like AlphaQ, but I DID! Same for Adventurur2. I thought for SURE they'd be bad people if they hate The Lion King OR like Sanjay and Craig, and I was WRONG about that! But I'm STILL convinced that it's TRUE The Lion King is good and Sanjay and Craig is bad. - Disney1994

Unlike other animals, who have no opinions and are living happily, screw us for having preferences, am I right? - styLIShT

I have opinions, too. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

7 Life's not what you make it, or else I WOULDN'T have done the horrible things I did.

Seriously, I KNEW why shows like Liv and Maddie were hated when I was little. I may not have know about stereotypes, but I knew ALL about things like mean-spirited undertones, toilet humor and other gross stuff, the fact that they aren't realistic, etc. So I WOULDN'T WATCH THEM! But then one day, my brother Ryan convinced me to watch Drake & Josh. AND I LIKED IT! I never KNEW these types of shows could be funny or entertaining until I watched them. But then I find out that I was right ALL ALONG that they are ALWAYS hated! I don't WANT to like bad stuff, OR hate good stuff. But then I do. And I'm STILL convinced it's WRONG! And in the end I'm convinced that EVERY show has stuff like mean-spirited undertones, plot conveniences, etc. LIFE ITSELF has that stuff! EVERYTHING gets mean-spirited at SOME POINT! It's just human nature to be mean and awful, and I'm the ONLY ONE who believes that! - Disney1994

8 Opinions were invented by Satan and SENT to make us believe that bad stuff is good AND that good stuff is bad!

That's ALL opinions are. Proof that sin exists at all. And this is the shortest comment yet. - Disney1994

9 Everything is either overrated, underrated, or BOTH, ALL at the same time!

Seriously, Frozen is overrated because of the fans, but also UNDERRATED because of the HATERS! In the end EVERYTHING is like that! - Disney1994

10 The world would be better off WITHOUT TV and the internet!

Literally ALL my worst problems happen because of T.V. and the internet. And it's either that, or OPINIONS! And FYI, you can skip the comments on the first five on this list if you're reading it as a countdown and want the TL;DR. - Disney1994

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11 Life is NOT a good thing. It is AWFUL!

Life is great. You can throw dildos at whoever you don't like. - DankGodX

I already said this, but it is TRUE! LIFE IS AWFUL! There's more bad than good to literally EVERYTHING! And the bad ALWAYS outweights the good! - Disney1994

It’s how you see it. Life can be terrible, but you can have the power to turn it good, and even awesome. So far, I’m neutral about life, but I’m getting better. - MissRWBY202

12 Unpopular opinions are NOT OK to have!

EVERYONE says it's OK to have unpopular opinions. NO IT'S NOT! They're just an excuse to be wrong. I've said more about this, but you probably know about that. - Disney1994

13 NOTHING about life is fair!

Again, I said this, but it is TRUE! - Disney1994

14 NOTHING in life makes sense or is justified!

Because if it DID make sense OR was justified, I WOULD know why I'm alive, AND what to do with my miserable life. I DON'T! - Disney1994

15 The world would be better over WITHOUT me!

NO ONE I KNOW believes me when I say I make the world worse than it already is. I DO! Every day I think about ALL the awful things that NEVER would have happened if I had NEVER been born! Yet NO ONE BUT ME CARES! - Disney1994

Man don't kkill yourself

16 There is NO SUCH THING a good TV show!

I've said this before, but it is TRUE! EVERY show EVER made has SOME REASON to HATE IT! - Disney1994

Some of my favorite shows may have problems here and there. I think the decisive factor is if the goods in a show outweighs the bad. - CrimsonShark

17 They should SERIOUSLY stop making TV shows, on EVERY CHANNEL EVER!

Because if they did, we'd NEVER have to hate another show EVER AGAIN! - Disney1994

18 Different opinions don't make the world better, they make it MORE boring and annoying, AND worse!

Seriously, why does EVERYONE think that different opinions ARE A GOOD THING?! They are AWFUL! They are NOT fun to have, and they have ALWAYS ruined my life! - Disney1994

19 TheTopTens should go BACK to the OLD design BEFORE November 2017!

Right now, they're changing the designs on EVERY SITE EVER and I am SO annoyed with EVERYTHING! The old design from before November 2017 was SO MUCH EASIER! Now it takes FOREVER to find EVERYTHING! Lists, posts, post comments, comments, remixes, etc. And I can't even SEE who's following me OR who I'm following! NOTE: I've gotten lazy on following anyone anymore. On my original account, I followed EVERYONE, even my worst enemies like ModernSpongeBobSucks. Why? Because they ALWAYS agree with me on SOMETHING! And also it's not just TheTopTens that is doing this, it's EVERY SITE! And now Firefox has done it too. I HATE THESE CHANGES! You know the old saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And these sites WERE NOT BROKEN! THAT'S why they DON'T need fixing! MY LIFE DOES! - Disney1994


20 ANY opinion that's not objective sucks, and there IS such a thing as an objective opinion!

Which is WHAT I MEAN by it's objectively awful. EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS! Subjectivity SUCKS! - Disney1994

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