Best Unreleased Britney Spears Songs

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1 Rebellion

The day the full version of rebellion leaks, I'll be the happiest person on earth - FlakyCuddles43

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2 Rock Star

This is probably her best unreleased song. First of all, it is finished. There are a lot of good demos but they can't compare to a mastered song. And the most important thing is that even though it really sounds finished it isn't over mastered. Her row vocals are everything. There's no mistake. The lyrics, the instrumental, her voice -which gets me every time. I just love this song. Honestly, it deserves to be number one. Don't get me wrong, Rebellion is divine but we don't actually know the whole song -yet. So, until Rebellion leakes, Rockstar is number one for me.

3 Dramatic

Dramatic is so good of so many reasons. Her voice, its beat but most important her attitude. I just love her. I know this song is about Kevin. And I love it even more. I wish it was released. I wish Blackout had 2 CDs so they could have included all good songs which didn't make the cut.

4 911

I just really love the sound of the guy saying 911

5 Kiss You All Over

My favorite Blackout demo that leaked back in 2007. I remember wanting so bad to hear the mastered version and then, after Blackout was released, I was shocked to see that my favorite track wasn't on the tracklist. I mean damn it! Couldn't they add it as the 13th track or even a track on the Japanese edition? But no, they chose to miss it out. Such a pity! This song is pure perfection. It's catchy and different and I'm pretty sure it would have worked well as a single. And what annoys me the most is the fact that they still didn't leak the finished version yet.

6 State Of Grace

Britney can sing! If you don't believe just listen to this amazing song. It's her best ballad ever. It's so hypnotic and beautiful and you can't but fall in love with it for the first time you listened to it. Love is a state of grace

7 Peep Show

I absolutely adore this song. Whatever, snippet. Honestly, I wish Michael would have released this song in full instead ML&H. It sounds so good. Whenever I listen to it I think at In The Zone. It sounds so exotic and sexy at the same time. I want it in FULL!

8 Dangerous
9 Untitled Lullaby
10 Ouch

The Contenders

11 Strangest Love

Perfect showcase of the real Britney

12 She'll Never Be Me
13 Love 2 Love U
14 When I Say So
15 Sippin' On

It's just very catchy. Nice beat and Britney sounds amazing.

16 Sugarfall
17 All That She Wants
18 Abroad
19 Burning Up
20 To Love Let Go
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