Best Unreleased Halsey Songs

I haven’t made a music list for quite some time, have I?

The Top Ten

1 Garden

This song has more of a rock sound than Halsey’s other songs, and it’s an amazing unreleased song! She performed it one time in 2016, and gave it out in Camp Badlands that same year. Still, the song was never fully released.

2 Wasting Time

This is my favorite song, but too bad it doesn’t exist. It’s a really upbeat and poppy song, but it’s amazing. The song was meant to be in an ice cream commercial in early 2016, but Halsey decided not to do it. I’m quite upset because that would be the best commercial ever! Everyone would buy ice cream!

3 Borrowing

This song was written when Halsey was 15! There is no auto-tune or editing, it’s just Halsey’s raw voice and guitar, yet she still sounds beautiful. It was also the first song she ever wrote.

4 Slow

This song was written by Halsey and Lido in 2015. She performed it during that year, and a studio version exists, but there is no official released version of the song. It’s a slower song, and it contains a reference to Is There Somewhere.

5 Free Love

This song is by Vic Mensa featuring Halsey, Le1f, Malik Yusef, and Lil B. Although a version of it is on SoundCloud, the song was never fully released. It’s about paying tribute to the victims of the shooting at a nightclub in Orlando.

6 S.O.S.

Although this song is written about Harry Styles (one of my least favorite music artists in the entire universe), it’s amazing. It’s another song without auto-tune, and again, Halsey sounds simply beautiful. This song was released towards the end of 2012, but it was taken down shortly after that, remaining an unreleased song.

7 Tilt You Back

This song was released on Halsey’s YouTube channel under her real name Ashley Frangipane, but was later removed. The song is another one with just her vocals and a guitar, and hearing it is an excellent experience. This was supposed to be released, but her plans changed after she auditioned for the X Factor.

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