Best Unreleased Marina and the Diamonds Songs

As a diamond, I decided to make a list of the top Marina and the Diamonds unreleased songs, from Give Me The Money LP.

The Top Ten

1 The Common Cold

I feel like this song is the most underrated one, but I feel it's beautiful, with amazing vocals. - kaitlynrad11

2 Starlight
3 Hot Cross Bun

A very sad like song, but has some very strong lyrics. - kaitlynrad11

4 Supermodel's Legs

A song about feeling like you'll never look much like a supermodel, or have their legs, specifically. I recommend that you should at least be 11 or 12 to listen to this, because some of it is a little intense... - kaitlynrad11

5 Jealousy
6 Miss Y

This song is so beautiful. It was originally supposed to be on Electra Heart, but because it didn't fit the theme, it didn't make the cut. ("Oh Marina, we're so sorry, but you didn't make the cut! ") It's got a dark-ish vibe, and the background acoustics are incredible. The message could fit so many different things, and I wish that it had been put on some album or another. I could never get tired of this song.

7 Sinful
8 Scab and Plaster
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