Best Unreleased Taylor Swift Songs

Like all artists, Taylor Swift has unreleased songs, outtakes & Demos. If you see anything missing please add it.

The Top Ten

1 Diary of Me

The lyrics of this song is very touching. it shows the feelings of a teenager! We all love you taylor

2 Dark Blue Tennessee

When ever I listen to this song I feel very sad. taylor is the best songwriter

3 Permanent Marker

I love its awesome.

4 Stupid Boy

This happens to every girl!

5 Brought Up That Way

Its something different which I've never heard. :F

6 Writing Songs About You

Its really a song which tells us about taylor's personality! :P

7 Never Mind

Its such a sweet song taylor's voice is so high pitch in this I love it

8 This Is Really Happening
9 All Night Diner

I wake up, stretch out, wondering what your doing right now...

10 Didn't They

I love it its so emotional.

The Contenders

11 I'd Lie

How is 'I'd Lie' last? It's the best! I also love 'Dark Blue Tennessee'. - KcSunshine1

12 Firefly
13 Smoky Black Nights
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