Top Ten Unsettling Things to Hear Coming from Your Parent's Bedroom

The Top Ten

1 Who's your creepy uncle now?

Get in the truck and meet your uncle Trevor - bobbythebrony

2 Oh I see the void!
3 Aww and I hate myself!
4 Bend over.
5 You're beautiful when you're dying.
6 My God, I'm covered!
7 Ooh you're still hard!
8 You do realize that I'm killing you when we're done?

I would go look and see what they’re doing and then call 911.

9 Sexual Moans

Oh hell nah! -CandyBlood13


Oh dear God...


10 I probably won't remember this by tomorrow.

The Contenders

11 I dropped out of high school! That's hot ain't it?
12 Let’s run away alone! The kids will be too dumb to notice anyway.
13 Do you know. What you father did?!?!?!?
14 I'm so glad we adopted our little boy/girl
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