Top 10 Unsigned Houston Rappers of 2013

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21 2Low
22 Laylow Martinez


23 C.W. The Fat Mack

Hard worker, talented dude, hope that he succeed

24 B-Shad
25 K.O. Out Tha West
26 Hustlaz by Habit
27 Icewater Ray
28 Chucky The Killa
29 Yung Tweezy

A hott artist from the dirty South lyrics and music will blow ya mind

30 Le$

One of the dopest rappers in the city consistent and has dope clothing out.

31 Mutt aka Wolf

He is Houston, all around package, as he say "THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS" need I say more.

32 Wolfe the Artist
33 J-Flex

You don't know because he said 25 stacks or he wont even let the exclusive be herd Just freestyled 30 songs if anyone wanna hear whats the talk on Team money or hear something be prepared for the styles and techniques that are too some rap gurus ears catchy but unique and distinctive. Going local is not my vision. Oversees and nationwide would be nice to the native Houston behind the sceens underground rapper.

34 Jkingkong

Owns his own record label Non Fiction Music also has a website where you can rate himself

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