Top 10 Untrue Things About the U.S.A.

Well, people think Americans are all that bad... It's not us it's more our government. We don't really have control over them. Most of us actually try to be nice, we donate to the poor, and try to be as friendly as possible. There are good people in America too.

The Top Ten

1 Americans Only Care About Themselves

Hey, don't you care about your country more than the others. I don't think that if there was a country going up against you in war you would vote for the opposing country to win... And we do care. We give money to other countries when they need it, some just don't except it.

A more indepth list about this has already be compiled. Check the 'search' you'll find it there.

2 Americans Don't Have Freedom

America was one of the first places to get rid of slavery, the government tries to let us have as many rights. Plus why do you think they call the country The Free Country?

If you think we don't have freedom here, then you haven't been very far.

3 Americans Are Too Fat

Am not! The only ones to blame for this are the ones who do it to themselves. There's "fat" people all over the world. Not just America. - equestrian502

Umm, don't blame the U.S. blame the peoe who are eating to much. Plus isn't it kind of rude to call us fat? Why would you care about what we eat?

4 Americans Think They Rule the World

No just no, I know for a fact that at least 50% of us do not think we OWN the world. Most of us think others have the same rights as us.

I am selfish, I suppose, but I would risk my life for a total stranger...

I believe this is a general attitude. Even if they say it's not.

5 Americans Are Mean and Disrespectful

No way! Most of us are nice and try to be kind and respectful to all! I donate money to hospitals and try to help out others all the time! Just because there are some mean people don't say we are ALL mean. What are you being like by calling us all mean? Isn't that kind of rude to say yourself? Just know most of us are really nice.

6 They All Eat McDonald's All the Time
7 They Worship Satan
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