Untrue Things They Tell You About High School

This is basically a list covering some of the lies people tell you about high school or even just school in general.

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They don’t tolerate bullying

This was actually more of a problem at the middle school than at the high school. The teachers stood by idly when students are being picked on there.

Luckily, I don't have to bother doing this since I was never bullied at school. Yet, I doubt the teacher's capabilities in handling these issues. It is more complex than face value.

Pretty much as long as there’s no violence they will just treat it as nothing

They threaten to shoot me and no one cares as it's a girl who did it

then again because I made an error since I was paranoid at the time I ended up under a tarp camping somewhere instead of staying with people who basically shooed me away due to misunderstandings (they weren't mean though) and ofc people have to be all mean about it

You will miss it

I was in an emotionally abusive friendship my last year and a half of high school. That, plus waking up early, all the homework, standardized testing, stress, etc,. Yeah, I like college much better, especially since I'm gonna be a junior in college and I'm living in an apartment for the first time this year!

How can I miss being bullied and hated by my classmates.. -.- And stupid homeworks..

So you'll miss, the homework, boring classes, and constant stress of everything in high school? I think not.

I'm actually glad its over I hated my time in high school, eventually I did do college for a bit to become more efficient blog writer, but that's really it.

They’re the best years of your life

No. I just started high school this year and it's SO DANG HARD! I have SO much work and tests. And I like some things others hate, and I have to keep it a secret so they don't judge me. And grades actually matter in high school.

No. My freshman year just started for me this year and it's worse than 8th grade.

The only best year of your life in high school is when you graduate.

Seriously?! Having to get 24 credits to graduate?! Hours of work and extracurricular activities?! Everything counting on your permanent record?! SATs?! Sure, high school can seem fun sometimes, but I wouldn't call it the *best* time of your life. I'll be in high school next year sadly. :'(

Making friends is easy

No, I have. To be honest, I kinda like my new personality of how I tend to be less disgruntled than before.

The only way I fitted in was due to me being in the Theatre program. It was due to luck that it had a great community, and unfortunately, I'm still socially awkward outside of Theatre

Fitting in with other cliques is actually difficult in real life, and a bit risk taking well for me at least.

At least not if you find 95% of them annoying.

It is a fresh new start

Depends. Either you're heading to a school where you know a lot of kids and you'll fit in well, or you'll not know anyone and will have to start your school life from scratch.

Not entirely. I'd say this is the least true out of the top ones because I had a genuinely great highschool experience. It was a new start, but my pals were still my pals, and the people who thought I was weird still thought that way. Didn't bother me one bit.

Until you realize you still have classes with half of the people at your previous school that you already hated...

Does it really feel like it aside from some new things its more less the same thing only difference your luckily given freedom.

Be yourself

You should be yourself even if they bully you. If people will bully you for it, don't be their friends. Instead, befriend people who will accept you for who you are. If you don't be yourself, then you will lose sight of who you really are. Be proud of who you are. If people bully you for being nerdy, screw them.

This I would say is more right actually, I just let myself become what I wanted to be by choice without faculty knowing my true intentions I walk in the path alone.

I’m scared to be myself because I don’t want to be bullied or harassed

Be yourself, get bullied, get punished by the teacher, be called a failure. enough said

After school clubs are fun

Hah, I remember joining one (photography class) out of curiosity and oh boy, it was so boring. Now, I just do it solo.

I hope in physics!

I used to have WIFL clubs when I was a middle school student.

Bit subjective to me. There will be people who will find it fun, some won’t.

Freshmen struggle being the youngest after being the oldest

Why do you think so many people have complained about moving from 5th to 6th grade more than this? - SpectralOwl

This is actually pretty true lol I remember my freshmen year it sucked - RPD6478

Not true at all

I’m almost done my freshman year and I’ve only had a few minor problems with this. - 3DG20

Teachers don’t give extensions

Yeah that's false they do extent if needed if the whole class is struggling. - htoutlaws2012

Depends on the teacher and/or if you are a good student

Mine does but I always do my work on time. - Ihateschool

Depends on the teacher - Randomator

The freshmen get bullied

I was always told this urban legend, but than again that was always the mentality I always assume observing as a common trend that just happens.

Even in my senior year, I was still being bullied!

I was bullied in nearly every single grade in high school

This is very true in my school

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The food is good

Yum, school food is the most delicious and healthy food out there! - Ginger

The food at my school is actually very good. - PhoenixAura81

The food at my high school was delicious

Ha! Not at my school

There's too much drama

Yet... it is kinda true though that seems to be the common theme where High school student aren't like College students where there not motionless robots. - htoutlaws2012

There's really not much drama. I'm a junior and I've only seen real drama about three or four times throughout high school. - The01Bro

Blame Degrassi for this myth - PerfectImpulseX

It's too much or not depending on how you see it. - listotaku17

You get lots of homework

At my school it all depends on how you work. You get like half the class to work on the assignment most of the time

When I was heading into my Freshman year I was terrified of the homework load. I had already gotten a lot of homework in 8th grade, and everyone told me that high school was going to be even worse. But when I got to high school, I was relieved when I got a lot less homework than I thought I would. Part of that was because I was in mostly fundamental classes, which don’t really give much homework at all. I didn’t even have to take physical science freshman year either which was a bonus. My Sophomore year ended up being a lot harder I had to add take American history in a Big class and I got the hardest teacher of them all. Anyway that class wasn’t too bad mostly because I enjoy history and the teacher was pretty funny. He made the class enjoyable too. Anyway it was the second semester that was a lot worse. Add to take physical science my sophomore year since I didn’t take it my freshman year. I got the hardest teacher in that subject too. We got a midterm study guide that was ...more

I thought I would get a lot of homework but I didn't get that much!


You will have so much fun

Really? Writing essays and studying for exams all night while crying is FUN?! Whoever came up with that idea is out of their mind

Pfft! Whoever said that either had lots of friends and a pleasant experience or are confusing high school with our child/teenage years in general. That I will miss.

Drugs are bad

Whoever put this is a complete moron.

They are not that bad... well depending on what it is

That one is true

Lmfao legend

Writing an essay is good for you

Essays are TORTURE!

It’s not good for your mental health

You are treated equally


Grades Matter

They actually do matter. Your Gpa will follow you the rest of your life

They DO matter...to my Asian parents!

They only matter until you graduate.

Truth is graduating is all that really matters. Diploma doesn't have GPA printed on it.

The kids are maturing

Some of the SENIORS at my high school act like five year olds

Don’t let the “Oh, we’re going through puberty. We’re so cool” fiasca fool you. Puberty is just a change in your body and yes, your mind develops as you get older, but that doesn’t mean they’re maturing mentally, in fact, in most cases it’s almost no different. I wonder what it’s like being a teacher having to take care of a bunch of teenage students like a babysitter, spending hours marking their work every night and even having to go in on days that students don’t which is why I would never be a teacher.

Special ed helps students prepare for life

Trust me. It doesn't. And this is coming from someone who takes special ed classes.

In special ed classes in my high school the kids just did kindergarten math, played on pbskids.org, and watched movies in class all day long

No it doesn’t. It was made to help you with stuff, but doesn’t initially.

I don’t feel like I’ve learned a lot from special ed

No drama at all

No idea where you heard that from, but it is absolutely not true at all. High school is FULL of drama. - 3DG20

Oh there’s drama alright almost as bad as middle school - Randomator

Teachers don't have favorites

Trust me, they do

Sex is fine

I mean, it is true as it’s how babies are made. - 3DG20

It’s really not (to me). - PhoenixAura81

Well, it’s necessary for reproduction. - MrCoolC

It’s easy

Not if you lose focus easily like me. - 3DG20

The principal will help you with your problems

They sometimes give you EVEN MORE problems

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