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1 Dragon/Fairy

That's sort of a bit counteracting... But I like the idea.

This would make a Pokemon good enough to defeat any dragon type legendary

Mega Altaria is Dragon/Fairy

Mega Altaria - Zume

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2 Dragon/Bug

When you look at Flygon, it just seems like a Dragon/Bug.

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3 Dark/Fairy

During showdowns mix and mega I used umbreon with altarianite which made it dark fairy with pixilate and I almost swepted full teams by using hyper voice, moonlight, dark pulse and swift.

This is good! A bit like binding Xerneas and Yveltal! Life AND destruction in one! Make one like this, pleease!

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4 Fire/Water

This just sounds awesome, it's like binding yin and yang into one!

Volcanism should be Fire/Steel

Damn you, Volcanion not is only fire/water type, it's legendary, too!

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5 Ghost/Normal

One weakness, two resistances, three immunities. Sounds pretty good to me.

Levitate/flash fire/lightning rod? Make that 4 resistances

This type of Pokemon would probly would be light pinkish purple his pre evolution would be cute but his evolution would look scary and his evolution line could transition from normal,normal-ghost,
And ghost. And would originally have high attack then slowly gain high special attack. That's what I think this Pokemon would be like

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6 Ghost/Fairy

I think dark/fairy is probably a good enough contender... It IS good to have three immunities though, normal, fighting, and dragon, nice.

My favorite type is ghost, and this type just seems right, it's mysterious, and beautiful at the same time. - moonwolf

Most of the types are on this list are there because the types counter each other. But this would be cool it'd be like a Pokemon with one good side and one bad side. - itz_izzy

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7 Bug/Dark

Aren't bugs evil looking enough?



Legendary, no evolution

This thing, oh snap, is fear unleashed. It's madness.

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8 Poison/Fairy

Do you seriously think that a poisonous fairy would scare anyone?

I would love to have a Pokemon of this type!

9 Fighting/Electric

This Pokémon could electricute and knock out another Pokémon at the same time!

10 Grass/Fire

This would be interesting... What meets life mets disaster

It Would be Fascinating To See This - kormo

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11 Fighting/Ghost
12 Ice/Fighting

It Has Already Happened and the Result Is Poliwrath - kormo

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13 Normal/Bug
14 Fire/Grass V 1 Comment
15 Fire/Ice

Fire/water is good enough. You don't need to be hot AND cold at the same time.

This is a good type! But not as used. - funnyuser


Look at the name

First form, second is Frostfire, third is Blueburner

This Pokemon is hot and cold at the same time.

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16 Electric/Ghost

Like a ghost came become a rock star!

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17 Ice/Steel

So much for having cold blue steel!

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18 Poison/Steel

Yeah there are poisonous metals

19 Ground/Fight

Better watch out, Rock-Types and Steel-Types. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That would be the most offensive type ever!

20 Electric/Fire

It's actually quite logical. Electrocute something flammable and you get fire. Simple!

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