Top 10 Most Unusual Guitars Guitarists Have Played

The Top Ten Most Unusual Guitars Guitarists Have Played

1 Michael Angelo Batio's Quad-Neck Guitar

I added images but I don't see them on here after 6 days...
Update: 9 days...12 days...
Ahh...all the images I added to this list arrived...after 20 days. - Metal_Treasure

2 Bill Bailey's 6-Neck Guitar
3 Michael Angelo Batio's Double-Guitars
4 Gary Moore's Guitar/Keyboard

(aka synthAxe). Watch his video Out In the Fields - Metal_Treasure

5 Pat Metheny's Pikasso 42-String Guitar
6 Rick Nielsen's Five-Neck Guitar
7 Kirk Hammett's Headless Teuffel Birdfish guitar

Minimalist futuristic design - Metal_Treasure

8 Andy McKee's Harp Guitar
9 Steve Vai's Heart Guitar

A pink, heart-shaped, 3-neck guitar - Metal_Treasure

10 Mike Rutherford's Guitar/Bass

The Contenders

11 Bo Diddley's Cigar Box Guitar
12 George Lynch's Skull & Bones Guitar
13 Josh Homme's Satellite Guitar

Most of the QOTSA fans were not very happy with this design though - Metal_Treasure

14 Dimebag Darrell's Razorback Guitar
15 Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein's Guitar
16 Kerry King's Beast V
17 Phil Campbell's Minarik Inferno
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