Top 10 Unusual and Interesting Facts About Zayn Malik


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1 Zayn likes pink nail polish on girls.

Well I'm not from india, I'm an indian, but I I've in america

Yes my zayn I love you so much from my all heart till now. Its 2016 man. I am yyour I am a girl even I like pink color I love you but I had never met because I am from india


I love you so much,you rock! You have a nice tone to your voice, the song You and slayed the song with a high note,which is incredible! The restbof the members still have good voices, but you have the best male voice in the boy band:) Why are people showing proofs that the rest of them cannot sing,all of them have good voices and can sing well:) Don't get me wrong,this is not hating on the rest of them,there's just so many people showing proofs that they cannot sing:( Guys,they can sing well:(
Leave them alone,they haven't done anything wrong to you,they're talented boys living in their dreams,what's so horrible about this band? I love you 1d

2 He once admitted that he googles himself when bored.

I love him.He is so adorable

3 If he was going to be stranded on a desert island, he would most like Louis from the band with him
4 Zayn's favourite food is chicken.

Same we would be good couples

5 He was actually going to X Factor auditions in 2009, but was too nervous
6 Zayn is really good at drawing
7 He once got dumped by text
8 Zayn was ten years old when he had his first kiss

Best Item of the list... - Ananya

Most interesting item of the list - TwilightKitsune

That's pretty rad item dude - MonkeyDude98

10 Zayn switched schools twice because he felt uncomfortable being the only kid in the school of mixed heritage

Aww poor baby, but he's proud of who he is and we all are proud of him

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11 He is Muslim
12 His first name is actually spelled Zain, but he changed it to Zayn as it's more original
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