Most Unusual Music Genres

Here are some of the strangest music genres you might've not heard of yet.

The Top Ten

1 Shoegazing

One of the weirdest music genres I've ever heard. - OnlyInDreams

Shoegazing is a subgenre of alternative rock, where the lead singer stands in a single position and not move whatsoever, staring at their shoes while singing. - Misfire

Not just the lead-singer, but also the guitarists as well. The guitarists had to look down because of their heavy use of effects-pedals so that they were looking down at the readouts on their effects-pedals during concerts. - Joeljohns249

Why the hell is this a genre?!

🤣😂 - TopTenTed

2 Lowercase

Lowercase music consists of amplified ultra-quiet or unheard sounds to extreme levels. - Misfire

3 Glitch

Glitch is a genre of electronic music that emerged in the 90s, wherein it consists of sounds that are most like unwanted disruptions and 'glitches' in the music, but by purpose. - Misfire

4 Danger Music

Danger Music is an experimental form of avant-garde 20th and 21st century music designed to unsettle and unnerve the listener. Works like this are sometimes referred to as anti-music, as they seem to rebel against the concept of music itself. - Misfire

5 Wizard Rock

Wizard rock bands often dress up as their favorite wizards when performing live. Bands in this genre typically sing about Harry Potter, because wouldn't it be weird to sing about Gollum? - Misfire

6 Noise Rock
7 Jump-up

Clownstep is a genre that describes simplistic d'n'b tracks that would leave the crowd dancing like clowns to their swinging beats. - Misfire

8 Drone Metal
9 Kawaii Metal

Sounds cool! I might give it a try - RoseWeasley

Kawaii metal is a blend of J-pop idol music and heavy metal. - Misfire

10 Splittercore

Splittercore is a faster and a more intense form of speedcore, where the tempo goes up to 600 beats per minute. - Misfire

The Contenders

11 Pirate Metal

It's debatable if it's a music genre because the music genre is folk metal (with lyrics about pirates) - Metal_Treasure

The genre is exactly what it sounds like. Pirate Metal bands dress up in period costumes while playing heavy rock and metal-style music. - Misfire

12 Unblack Metal

Unblack Metal is the response to black metal. The music artists that fall on this genre are either directly against the Satanism prevalent in black metal, or are promoting Christianity through their lyrics and imagery. - Misfire

13 Gabber
14 Riddim Dubstep
15 Stoner
16 Anti-Folk

Super weird. Beck is famous in this genre. - JoLeKosovo

17 Experimental Rock

It's weird by definition. From Captain Beefheart to Mr Bungle. - JoLeKosovo

18 Pornogrind
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