Top Ten Unusual and Random Things to Say When a Plane Is Experiencing Turbulence

The Top Ten

1 I Need to Use the Toilet!

To bad, cause in turbulence you aren't going to be able to stand without falling - Swiftdawn

2 What's Turbulence?
3 Are We Going to Die?
4 Are We Landing?
5 Oh Well, I'm Going to Sleep...
6 Be Quiet Air Hostess! I'm Making a Top Tens List!
7 The Plane Is Rocking, I'm Scared...
8 Does the Plane Do This Every Time
9 Curse You Richard Branson!!!
10 My Partner Rocks Me Harder During Sex Than the Plane...

The Contenders

11 We Gonna Die Find Jesus!
12 Wryyy!
13 Allahu Akbar!
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