Top Ten Unusual Things that are Normal in the Netherlands

I am Dutch, and this is a list of things that are normal for Dutch people, but unusual to other people.

The Top Ten

1 Bicycles

How are they unusual - Randomator

These are unusual? - iliekpiez

Yep, more than in any other country. Very interesting list. - Metal_Treasure

2 Eating Rusk With Anise When A New Relative Is Born

Kiyomi, do all Dutch people really have dinner at 6pm sharp? - Metal_Treasure

3 First Monday Of The Month Alarm

That sounds pointless and annoying - Randomator

4 Stroopwafels
5 Congratulating The Relatives On Someone's Birthday

Why - Randomator

6 Cannabis

Should be legal - iliekpiez

Ugh, it sounds horrible... I like to drink my coffee without the smog of someone's hallucinogen crap in my face. I'm sorry, but this stuff is horrible. - Swellow

7 Sitting In A Circle When Someone Celebrates His/Hers Birthday
8 Eating Pancakes For Dinner

I am from Norway and we do this too...but when don't do it very often.

Eating it for breakfast like they do in the USA and UK is even more unusual.

Dude there's nothing wrong with this I live in Australia and we do this as well

This is completely normal for other Scandinavian countries. - Swellow

9 Eating French Fries With Mayonnaise

And that is delicious! - Userguy44

I knew it! - SnerpDoge

10 Licorice

Completely normal in the UK. - Swellow

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1. First Monday Of The Month Alarm
2. Bicycles
3. Eating Rusk With Anise When A New Relative Is Born


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