Top Ten Unusual Things that are Normal in the Netherlands

I am Dutch, and this is a list of things that are normal for Dutch people, but unusual to other people.

The Top Ten

1 Bicycles

Yep, more than in any other country. Very interesting list. - Metal_Treasure

Bicycles are EVERYWHERE in The Netherlands.
When you walk through the city, bicycles are everywhere, and they are the most used vehicle for daily use. - Kiyomi

2 Eating Rusk With Anise When A New Relative Is Born

No, I don't have dinner at 6PM sharp. And I don't know anyone who has. - Kiyomi

Kiyomi, do all Dutch people really have dinner at 6pm sharp? - Metal_Treasure

3 Eating Pancakes For Dinner

I am from Norway and we do this too...but when don't do it very often.

Dude there's nothing wrong with this I live in Australia and we do this as well

This is completely normal for other Scandinavian countries. - Swellow

Eating pancakes for dinner is very normal in the Netherlands.
Dutch people even cover their pancakes with non-sweet stuff, like salad. - Kiyomi

4 Cannabis

Ugh, it sounds horrible... I like to drink my coffee without the smog of someone's hallucinogen crap in my face. I'm sorry, but this stuff is horrible. - Swellow

Weed is EVERYWHERE in the Netherlands.
When you walk through the big cities, lot of people smoke weed.
(There's even weed in coffee shops.) - Kiyomi

5 Congratulating The Relatives On Someone's Birthday

Yeah, this happens a lot.
Like, when someone's son celebrates his birthday, people also congatulate the relatives by saying stuff like 'Happy Birthday With Your Son! ' and stuff.
Ironic. - Kiyomi

6 Stroopwafels

Literally means: Syrup waffles.
Stroopwafels are hard cookies in shape of circle waffles, filled with syrup.
They are almost unknown in foreign countries, but they taste awesome. - Kiyomi

7 First Monday Of The Month Alarm

On every first Monday of the month at 12PM, the air alarm gets tested, meaning that you hear a loud siren, every first monday of the month. - Kiyomi

8 Eating French Fries With Mayonnaise

Remember that line from Pulp Fiction? - Kiyomi

I knew it! - SnerpDoge

9 Sitting In A Circle When Someone Celebrates His/Hers Birthday
10 Licorice

Completely normal in the UK. - Swellow

People in the Netherlands eat a lot of liquorice/licorice, all day long.
It is a Dutch invention, so I'm not surprised. - Kiyomi

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