Top Ten Unwise Things to Say to Your Girl


The Top Ten

1 Just because I love you doesn't mean that you look good.

I love you darling, no, not you, I mean the girl next to you - StephanTheIdiot

2 You're the closest thing to a human skunk I'v seen so far, honey!
3 Hey you, look here. This is the New Generation. So don't expect me to die for you or anything.
4 But for your hair, you look like a cavewoman.
5 You look lovely. I hope my lie made your day!

This made laugh A LOT! But also shake my head in despair. This is just what I'd expect... - Britgirl

6 You're fat

It's just like in the massively underrated sitcom: Goodness Gracious Me. "I want to say those three little words. YOU'RE TOO FAT! " - PositronWildhawk

Its never a good idea to tell your girlfriend she's fat, it was me who put this on the list by the way. - egnomac

7 I love listening to dogs barking. That's why I chose as my partner.

I feel like I should make a plaque of this and hang it up on my wall. - MoldySock

8 My word, you look gorgeous. Why? How? Can you explain why I said this? My word, you look ugly. Why? How? Can you explain why I said this?

Either the lover boy has blown away his sanity, or he is insane. - Kiteretsunu

Kiteretsunu, I know this is your item, and I laughed SO much at it! Enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for adding it haha :-) - HezarioSeth

9 If there are two intestines in your body, so what? What do you want prove, Eh?
10 I always feared my bully. Choosing you was a good idea, haha!
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