Top Ten Unwritten Rules of TheTopTens

TheTopTens is a wonderful place where most people can act civilised. But then there are "those" people who just think this beloved website is for making lists and effortlessly make 20 in one night. These are the rules they need to follow.

The Top Ten

1 Don't make a list without ten items, unless it's necessary

I actually have a backlog of list drafts that have less than 10 items that I am not submitting for this reason. - allamassal

I used to do this, but now I make lists that have at least 10 items. - EpicJake

It just shows laziness and how desperate you are to get your list count up. - Puga

2 Treat your remixes like lists

After all, you ranked them in your order. - Puga

3 Add descriptions on lists

And try to comment on most of your items, too. - Puga

4 Don't comment stuff you know will offend

"If you knew the list was gonna be bad, why'd you click on it? " - a user I can't name. Because it's a bad list and bad lists deserve criticism. Do you think you can get off scot free? - Puga

This applies to those who can't take criticism - TwilightKitsune

5 Post user-ranking lists in moderation

A better thing to say: Don't Make Ridiculous User Ranking Lists. Nothing ticks me off more than this false claim to work hard and see into the minds of popular users, and express this by ranking them under a silly system. A great example is Most Anticipated Users. How can you anticipate someone signing up? - PositronWildhawk

Or if possible, try not to make any at all. - Puga

6 Try to avoid making trendy or cliche lists

User Ranking Lists
Reasons to not eat my (insert food here) lists (they're all unoriginal rip-offs, with the exception of PetSounds')
Lists that criticise a group of people
Best User of the Month lists
Comparison lists (unless they can actually be compared)
Reasons why (user) is better than (celebrity)
Interesting Facts about me lists (unless it's your first list) - Puga

7 Don't judge everything by the stats

I used to be a devil at this... - Puga

Dang Puga. Should've named this list "Unspoken rules" BECAUSE NOW THEY'RE WRITTEN. - keycha1n

8 Try to use proper grammar

Poor grammar really brings down you're list and comment quality its really annoying.

Like that. - PositronWildhawk

I always do this, because it bothers the crap out of me when I don't and when others don't. - RockFashionista

9 Don't make remixes or comments for the sake of it

All the remixes I've made (though they were all for my competition with PS to get to 2,000 comments), are probably even more descriptive than my lists. Don't just take a list and click a ranking that you didn't think about, add no description or comments to any item and then publish it. It's the main reason why statistical ratings aren't beneficial. Quality over quantity, no matter what. - keycha1n

There are four users that remix every second list and it's annoying the hell out of me cause none of them have any effort. - Puga

I have a dislike for remixes and I'll remix only if it's a good enough list to do so. - Therandom

I kinda regret doing this. I guess I'll just switch to lists then. - Mumbizz01

10 Put effort into blogs

Thankfully, the HQ feature weeds out the lesser efforts. I wish there was a similar feature for lists. - PetSounds

The Contenders

11 Do whatever you want as long as admin allows

This should be only rule

12 Don't make sockpuppet accounts
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1. Don't make a list without ten items, unless it's necessary
2. Add descriptions on lists
3. Treat your remixes like lists
1. Treat your remixes like lists
2. Don't make a list without ten items, unless it's necessary
3. Post user-ranking lists in moderation
1. Treat your remixes like lists
2. Don't make a list without ten items, unless it's necessary
3. Add descriptions on lists

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