Top 10 Upcoming Kerala Bands of 2015

When Few Musicians work together to perform there originates a Band. It can be formed either by a singer or by a group of friends. A band is Moreover a Team work. Recently Kerala Youths gets liking towards the band cultures in all shows. The general trend in Kerala shows that they are not behind a particular genre rather they get attracted on performance of lead singers and other crews in the band. Lets try to find out the bands that ganined their grounds in Kerala recently and trying to win the heart of Youngsters with their performance. Music Mojo in Kappa T.V. has become a one stop shop for all bands performance.

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1 Thaikkudam Bridge

It's a Kerala Based Band. The 13 member band's own composition Fishrock has gone viral in social media and YouTube withiin days its released.They perform songs from Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, and English and give these songs a Thaikkudam touch with Sidharth Menon as Vocal Lead. This uniquesness helped them win the hearts of millions of youngster around the globe. - reshmi

2 Agam

It's a Carnatic Progresive Band. Their logo is formed from their inspiration of Kerala Northern art form Theyyam. The band mix up Carnatic Music with Rock. - reshmi

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3 Avial

Its an Indian Band calling themselves as Alternative rock band originated from capital town of Kerala.They experimented Malayalee rock by adding malayalam lyrics to rock music.They paved way to origin of many bands who choose the alternative malayalee rock music. There was no language barrier in performance as far as the band is concerned. The four piece band with Tony John as its lead viocalist continues their journey. - reshmi

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4 Masala Coffee

They made their debut through Kappa Tvs Music Mojo show. The band is well heard through the voice of Sooraj Santhosh the real spice of Masala Coffee along with its producer/vocalist Varun Sunil. Esraj a rarely seen instrument finds an inevitable role in this band. Their Album " kantha njanum veram" yet another trill by Sooraj has bought raved reviews among audience and helped the band to carve a niche for themselves and create a kanthafied style to succeed in the musical scene today. The ethnic wear followed by the band brings an elegant look and striking presence throughout the stage. - reshmi

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5 Bala Leela

The band is owned by Shri Balabhaskar Violin Maestro from South. Best Known for his Fusion. He is the new Cantini Endorser of India. - reshmi

6 The Solid

It's a Fusion Band owned by renowned Keyboardist Stepehen Devassy. His perfection in performance made him youths idol. He is considered to be the Fastest Keyboard player. - reshmi

7 Kadal

It is a Rock Fusion Band from Trivandrum. They have done a lot of stunning performance on stages with Nahoom Abraham. - reshmi

8 Muzic ID
9 Jhanu

It is a Chennai based rock band. The band is named after the guitarist Jhanu. They mainly concentrate on Tamil Folk music - reshmi

10 Lagori

It's a Folk rock fusion band based out in Bangalore. They blend classical melodies with rock music and deliver soulful music - reshmi

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1. Thaikkudam Bridge
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1. Thaikkudam Bridge
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1. Agam
2. Thaikkudam Bridge
3. Avial



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