Top 10 Upcoming Movies of 2017-2019 that Will Most Likely Suck

These are upcoming movies up until 2019 that look like they are going to be terrible!

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1 The Emoji Movie

You'll never know if its good or bad until you see it. But I think it's safe to say that this idea of a film is crap and I don't think many people will go and see it. - WinchesterGirl26

It's been a while since I last watched Popeye but WHY would they cancel the movie JUST for this crap? - Neonco31

WHY would they completely cancel a Popeye movie for this?! I hate to be a movie snob, but I would have way preferred Popeye over this cringe. - Confirmation

Good news! The Emoji Movie is no longer going to be released on my birthday! But the bad news? Now it's going to be released earlier in late July like Cartoonfan202 said. Hey, is there a petition going on to get The Emoji Movie cancelled like people are doing with the 2017 American live-action Death Note film? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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2 Minecraft: The Movie

Are you serious? They're making a Minecraft movie? Minecraft isn't just the most overrated game in existence, it's the most overrated THING in existence! Minecraft is the most boring game ever! I can't stand it! I never understood why people like this game. Will people even still care about Minecraft when this movie comes out in 2019? And since it's a movie based on a video game, it's definitely going to be terrible! - MegaSoulhero

As if they don't have enough minecraft spin offs.. This is so basic. A movie based on a video game is just a disaster waiting to happen. I think that this movie will be a lot like that minecraft story mode crap. Why do you need to make a movie when you basically have minecraft story mode which you could play AND watch? - Confirmation

That doesn't actually sound too bad. I'm not a Minecraft hater nor do I play it often. I think it's just a nice little game that I'll play for a bit and then go to something else. As for a movie, I think they can come up with some story that can work itself out, hopefully. - Mcgillacuddy

I'm guessing it's gonna be like that Rachet & Clank movie everyone forgot for good, where they just copy & paste cutscenes from the Minecraft: Story Mode. - djpenquin999

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3 Transformers: The Last Knight

This proves people who still can't get enough of the transformers series are sheep and will throw money at anything, sad. - Mumbizz01

Transformers should be done with by now. - Confirmation

I am not going to see this movie in theaters! It's gonna be terrible no matter what! You can tell just from the trailer! Once you've seen one Transformers movie you've seen them all! It's the same bad CGI, the same terrible acting, the same explosions, the same bad humor, and the same scenery! I can't believe these movies are still being made! And people just keep giving them money which causes them to make more of these! I'm not falling for it again! I'm boycotting this movie! I'm not giving them my money! Looks like a very cliché and predictable plot with nothing new to offer! Such terrible garbage! - MegaSoulhero

I Want To Say really Badly That, Heavy Should Be The Song For This Movie!, Linkin Park Soundtracks!, Yay! What I've Done Was For The First, New Divide Was for ROTF, And Burning In the Skies Should of been for DOTM, And Guilty all the same should of been for AOE, - VideoGamefan5

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4 Fifty Shades Freed

I don't THINK this movie will suck, I KNOW it will suck! Fifty Shades of Grey is one of the worst movies I've ever seen! And as for Fifty Shades Darker, I walked out of the theater! I'll probably watch that whole movie online next month or something and review it in a blog post. But Fifty Shades Freed is a movie that I'm most likely going to skip. These movies are just stupid! They're worse than the Twilight saga! Well it's a good thing that this is the last Fifty Shades movie. - MegaSoulhero

The Fifty Shades is literally abuse and porno. I don't know why it's still a thing, it's so sickening and wrong. Also did you know Fifty Shades of Grey used to be a Twilight fan fiction? - Rue

The fact that these movies exist make me lose a little of my faith for humanity. I hate the first one, and you could not pay me to see the sequels. - Elric-san

No one wants to see this stuff. Literally, the whole entire fan base are old ladies and moms. - Confirmation

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5 Tomb Raider (2018)

I'm okay with this because there has been Tomb Raider movies before. But for the love of god please don't move on up and make an Uncharted movie. We don't need that to exist. The game is already cinematic and great enough. - cjWriter1997

It's a video game movie. That's all you need to know. - MegaSoulhero

6 Justice League (2017)

This movie looks terrible. I mean, wow. This movie looks like it's trying too hard. It's trying way too hard to be dark. What is it with Zack Snyder and darkness? Is there going to be a single fight scene that happens during the day? Not only that but the CGI looks like a mess! Cyborg looks terrible! I feel like this is gonna be another Batman v Superman! I was excited for this movie at first, but after watching the trailer, not so much. Maybe it will surprise me, but there wasn't really anything in the trailer that caught my attention. They're just rushing these DC movies! Why do they expect us to already care about these characters? In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they did a great job with developing the characters before having them team up. But we were barely introduced to this version of Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman! And the upcoming solo Batman movie should've come out before Batman v Superman! That would've made more sense! I really hope Wonder Woman will be good though. - MegaSoulhero

Yeah this movie looks bad. I think they should've waited a couple more years to release this. - Mcgillacuddy

Zack Snyder has ruined the DC universe with his "wannabe prolific but ends up being edgy" superhero movies. I hate this so called scam of a "director" with a passion. - cjWriter1997

The DC Universe Movies Are Already Doomed Honestly, Suicide Squad Was An Anomination, - VideoGamefan5

7 Barbie (2018)

I HATE Barbie! If you think the My Little Pony movie is going to be bad, I am POSITIVE that the Barbie movie will be even worse! I'm actually excited for the My Little Pony movie. What's up with the dislikes on that trailer? So there have been a ton of Barbie movies but this will be the first live-action Barbie movie. Remember the live-action Bratz movie? I feel like this will be similar to that. This movie is clearly gonna be a huge cash grab and an absolute failure. Although, I'm actually kind of surprised there hasn't already been a live-action Barbie film. Considering there are millions of animated ones. But yeah, I don't think this movie will be good and it will probably end up like the Bratz movie. - MegaSoulhero

Don't they already have tons of those barbie movies that come out every couple months? Literally there's a million different barbie movies. - Confirmation

Better bring lots of food to the cinema so I can throw it as the movie plays along - TwilightKitsune

Don't get why some would think it's better than the MLP movie, it's one of the few girl show that has true potential - Neonco31

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8 Death Note (2017)

While I've never watched the original Death Note, I can't stand seeing it becoming another anime to have a whitewashed live-action adaptation made by Hollywood. I know it's going to be exclusive to Netflix from what I heard, but what makes this any different from the financial failure that was this year's live-action Ghost in the Shell? Plus, the live-action cast of Death Note looks vastly different from the original source material! While I do agree with Black Critic Guy that it was a good move to Americanize the characters' names so as to not face another Ghost in the Shell scenario with whitewash casting, I'm quite confused as to why they made Misa Amane a full-on emo girl (though, I have to say it's better than being a dumb blonde like she was in the anime) and L... a mysterious hooded figure instead of the interesting emo detective clothed in a heavy white shirt with jeans he was in the anime. While I'm not sure how this will turn out, I don't think this will be any good. Maybe ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

WHOA! I just learned that fans of Death Note have recently started a petition to boycott the 2017 live-action adaptation of Death Note! 15,000 signatures and counting! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The petition to boycott this movie is nearly finished! Only a few more hundred signatures and the goal of 17,000 signatures will be met! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I think this whole boycotting thing is complete bs. Just let the movie makers fail miserably and lose all their money. Besides, don't you feel bad for everyone who actually DOES wanna watch this movie? Jesus. - Confirmation

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9 Frozen 2

We were done at Frozen

AHH I am scared, there is a frozen 2? - foxandwolf

It'll be Frozen hell again once this movie drops! All these annoying fangirls singing these dumbass songs. - YouShallEatPoopy

Great, now there'll be NEW songs for all the girls at school to sing. Thanks a lot, Disney. - Confirmation

10 Norm of the North 2: Ice Shake

Keep it on direct-to-DVD for all I care. The first movie was a critical failure in theaters. What makes the creators think a sequel deserves to even be made in the first place? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Wasn't norm of the north the one that had like 5 minutes worth of these little gerbil creatures peeing in the fish tank? Yeah, no way is a sequel a good idea. - Confirmation

This first movie sucked, so it should not have a sequel.

This better not happen

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11 Aquaman (2018)

Aquaman is the worst superhero ever! I have always hated him and I can't believe he is getting his own movie! "Hi, I'm Aquaman and I can breathe underwater and I can talk to sea creatures." His powers are very limited! Also, DC hasn't had a very good track record with movies lately. Wonder Woman looks like it will be good though. But an Aquaman movie? Really? I mean, come on! - MegaSoulhero

Aquaman is ugly, and I never really liked him but this movie might turn out good, ya never know. - Confirmation

12 Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

I actually have high hopes for this movie? It's not because of nostalgia. I wasn't big on Captain Underpants as a kid, but I'm willing to give the movie adaptation a shot. - Rue

Unless DreamWorks can exceed expectations and make this an extraordinary film, this could probably turn out bad. But I do hope it turns out good. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I remember going through a phase of falling in love with these books in about 3rd grade. I think this movie might actually be okay. - Confirmation

This.. actually seems decent. - ProPanda

13 Baywatch

No David Hassehoff

14 Suicide Squad 2

I Need Bleach - VideoGamefan5

15 Maze Runner: The Death Cure

The Maze Runner movies are garbage! Also, this movie was apparently supposed to come out in February of this year but was moved to next year because one of the actors got injured. I know there are people who like the first Maze Runner movie but it didn't make much sense and was too formulaic. Definitely better than Divergent and Twilight! That's for sure! The Maze Runner sequel was even worse and a lot of people seem to really hate it. I don't think The Death Cure will be any better. And the fact that it's being released in January makes me even more nervous. - MegaSoulhero

16 Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins is a film that I hate but everyone else loves. Just because I don't like it doesn't mean you shouldn't. However, even fans of Mary Poppins have said that a sequel is unnecessary. And I can understand that. They've released promotional images and honestly, I'm not impressed. I don't think Emily Blunt will be a good Mary Poppins. No one can replace Julie Andrews. I honestly have no idea why they are making a sequel to Mary Poppins. And I don't know why they waited 54 years to come out with one. I feel like the only reason people are going to see this movie is because of Lin-Manuel Miranda! Which is the reason why people went to see Moana. Makes sense Lin is in this movie. An overrated celebrity in a sequel to an overrated movie. And I'm quite possibly going to get a lot of hate for saying that. I love making people angry sometimes. - MegaSoulhero

Gross no one wants to see the return of that old lady who ate a spoonful of sugar every time she took medicine - Confirmation

17 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

They sadly replaced the old actors with new ones and I thought these movies died out along time ago.

18 Despicable Me 3 Despicable Me 3

I liked Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, so I'm definitely watching Despicable Me 3 whenever I can. However, given that Minions was just a fabricated cash grab and that Illumination Entertainment seems more focused on quantity than quality in order to make a big buck, Despicable Me 3 may not live up to its predecessors. But who knows? This could turn out good regardless if it's just another sequel. At least the addition of Gru's brother doesn't make Despicable Me 3 feel like a rehash of the first two movies. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm not saying Minions is a totally horrible movie as a whole, but it just feels like it was only made to make profit rather than to be a good movie on its own. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

19 Zootopia 2

I actually kinda liked zootopia so I'm looking forward to this - Confirmation

Sure enough, I expected to find VideoGamefan5 running his mouth more about this movie... - Mcgillacuddy

More Society Disney Crap, WHY?!, - VideoGamefan5


20 Divergent Series: Allegiant - Part 2
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