Top 10 Upcoming Movies of 2017-2019 that Will Most Likely Suck

These are upcoming movies up until 2019 that look like they are going to be terrible!

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1 The Emoji Movie

You'll never know if its good or bad until you see it. But I think it's safe to say that this idea of a film is crap and I don't think many people will go and see it. - WinchesterGirl26

It's been a while since I last watched Popeye but WHY would they cancel the movie JUST for this crap? - Neonco31

The premiere date for this movie just got pushed back to late July instead of August. - Cartoonfan202

Well, I'm just glad that the movie is no longer going to be released on my birthday anymore. However, that also means this pandering cash grab will be coming sooner than we did not want it to come. On the bright side, it will allow people to tear the film to shreds earlier than before when they get to see it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yes, it sucked

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2 Minecraft: The Movie

Are you serious? They're making a Minecraft movie? Minecraft isn't just the most overrated game in existence, it's the most overrated THING in existence! Minecraft is the most boring game ever! I can't stand it! I never understood why people like this game. Will people even still care about Minecraft when this movie comes out in 2019? And since it's a movie based on a video game, it's definitely going to be terrible! - MegaSoulhero

This movie is going to be awesome, no matter what idiots like you say. - TheRedstoneWiz

That doesn't actually sound too bad. I'm not a Minecraft hater nor do I play it often. I think it's just a nice little game that I'll play for a bit and then go to something else. As for a movie, I think they can come up with some story that can work itself out, hopefully. - Mcgillacuddy

WAIT this is actually being Made? Well this is going to suck big time seriously its MINECRAFT how do you turn that into a movie? And no Minecraft Story Mode is NOT how you turn this game into a Movie because that game Sucked Big Time - christangrant

This movie will most likely be bad.
Sorry, but even I got bored of the game. And I used to love it! :/
They should focus more on the game and actually add new content (like more tiers to armor, etc. You know, so I don't finish in like 30 minutes? ), that way I have something to do *And actually get invested again*. - mattstat716

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3 Fifty Shades Freed

I don't THINK this movie will suck, I KNOW it will suck! Fifty Shades of Grey is one of the worst movies I've ever seen! And as for Fifty Shades Darker, I walked out of the theater! I'll probably watch that whole movie online next month or something and review it in a blog post. But Fifty Shades Freed is a movie that I'm most likely going to skip. These movies are just stupid! They're worse than the Twilight saga! Well it's a good thing that this is the last Fifty Shades movie. - MegaSoulhero

The Fifty Shades is literally abuse and porno. I don't know why it's still a thing, it's so sickening and wrong. Also did you know Fifty Shades of Grey used to be a Twilight fan fiction? - Rue

The fact that these movies exist make me lose a little of my faith for humanity. I hate the first one, and you could not pay me to see the sequels. - Elric-san

These are still being made, apparently.

Send help. - mattstat716

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4 Transformers: The Last Knight

Isn't Isabela Moner from "100 Things to do Before High School" in this trash? I think she is, I saw her in the trailer. Anyways, yeah, I'm probably boycotting this also. There's no point in seeing this movie in theaters if the trailer doesn't look promising and if it seems like the same movie as the last four. - DCfnaf

This proves people who still can't get enough of the transformers series are sheep and will throw money at anything, sad. - Mumbizz01

5?! 5?! Well that's it I'm done! Michal bay has ruined childhoods again!

Bay ruined this franchise. No one ever thinks about the good stuff like Prime or G1 or IDW anymore. Bay…I swear. No one's watching this. (Jut watch the previews and you'll know what I m- "LITTLE LADY NO! " CGI HOT ROD, GET OUT OF HERE) Even I don't want to watch it and I sat through all 4 movies. Even Disgusting Movie #1 and Disgusting Movie #2 The Sequel (Revenge Of The Fallen and Dark Of The Moon) the only ones that are good is the first one and Age Of Extinction. Watch those instead of ROTF, DOTM, and this one.
Edit: I'd probably watch it to review it. It'll still suck though.
- Ultron123

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5 Norm of the North 2: Ice Shake

Come on, you guys only hate Frozen because of its songs and popularity. I'm pretty sure a sequel to Frozen would be a quadrillion times better than a sequel to Norm of the North. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Keep it on direct-to-DVD for all I care. The first movie was a critical failure in theaters. What makes the creators think a sequel deserves to even be made in the first place? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

There's going to be a sequel? Burn it to the ground! Incinerate it! Nobody deserves to sit through another garbage movies about a garbage polar bear set to garbage songs. Kill it with fire!

Let's give Bobsheaux, AniMat, Cartoon Palooza, Musical Hell and Jambareeqi paid Patreon requests that are to review the Norm of the North sequels. I dislike Frozen for the most part, but would totally take it over Norm of the North (welp, Thtii2000 will be so furious at me for hating Frozen and especially Norm of the North) and think that while Frozen 2 has a great chance to improve upon its predecessor, the Norm of the North sequels will make us feel castrated by the Lemmings. If only Disney directed Norm of the North, so the Lemmings were thrown off a cliff (AniMat cannot be the only one stating that to the public). - The Ultimate Daredevil

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6 Barbie (2018)

I HATE Barbie! If you think the My Little Pony movie is going to be bad, I am POSITIVE that the Barbie movie will be even worse! I'm actually excited for the My Little Pony movie. What's up with the dislikes on that trailer? So there have been a ton of Barbie movies but this will be the first live-action Barbie movie. Remember the live-action Bratz movie? I feel like this will be similar to that. This movie is clearly gonna be a huge cash grab and an absolute failure. Although, I'm actually kind of surprised there hasn't already been a live-action Barbie film. Considering there are millions of animated ones. But yeah, I don't think this movie will be good and it will probably end up like the Bratz movie. - MegaSoulhero

Who the heck came with this garbage? Barbie sucks, it is going to be like the Bratz live action movie. Paris Hilton would be the perfect actress for Barbie since they both like to wear lots of pink and look like each other. - AnimeDrawer

Better bring lots of food to the cinema so I can throw it as the movie plays along - TwilightKitsune

A lot of you are grown men who are complaining about a kid girl's movies, kinda weird don't u think? - judo8alex

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7 Tomb Raider (2018)

I'm okay with this because there has been Tomb Raider movies before. But for the love of god please don't move on up and make an Uncharted movie. We don't need that to exist. The game is already cinematic and great enough. - cjWriter1997

Its one of those rare games that feels like your playing a game, but also a story driven movie which is good. - htoutlaws2012

It's a video game movie. That's all you need to know. - MegaSoulhero

This movie is going to be horrible just like the previous films

What's next? Uncharted? Superman 64? Super Smash Bros? Sonic? - Fullwalking

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8 Justice League (2017)

This movie looks terrible. I mean, wow. This movie looks like it's trying too hard. It's trying way too hard to be dark. What is it with Zack Snyder and darkness? Is there going to be a single fight scene that happens during the day? Not only that but the CGI looks like a mess! Cyborg looks terrible! I feel like this is gonna be another Batman v Superman! I was excited for this movie at first, but after watching the trailer, not so much. Maybe it will surprise me, but there wasn't really anything in the trailer that caught my attention. They're just rushing these DC movies! Why do they expect us to already care about these characters? In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they did a great job with developing the characters before having them team up. But we were barely introduced to this version of Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman! And the upcoming solo Batman movie should've come out before Batman v Superman! That would've made more sense! I really hope Wonder Woman will be good though. - MegaSoulhero

2 garbage movies in 2016 from this pathetic franchise, how are we supposed to be convinced with this one? - DCfnaf

Yeah this movie looks bad. I think they should've waited a couple more years to release this. - Mcgillacuddy

It doesn't matter because the braindead DCEU fanboys will gobble up anything made by Zacky.

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9 Frozen 2

I hate the hating on Frozen cliche more than the hating on Justin Bieber cliche. This movie might actually be good. - 445956

Frozen was a good movie the first time I saw it. But not the 600 other times I saw it playing on T.V. 24/7. There is WAY too many frozen shirts, backpacks, etc. Pretty much ruined the whole movie. I'm worried that the same thing will happen and the movie will stick around 3 years after it should be old.

We were done at Frozen

I'm really not excited for Let It Go 2.0. - mattstat716

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10 Death Note (2017)

While I've never watched the original Death Note, I can't stand seeing it becoming another anime to have a whitewashed live-action adaptation made by Hollywood. I know it's going to be exclusive to Netflix from what I heard, but what makes this any different from the financial failure that was this year's live-action Ghost in the Shell? Plus, the live-action cast of Death Note looks vastly different from the original source material! While I do agree with Black Critic Guy that it was a good move to Americanize the characters' names so as to not face another Ghost in the Shell scenario with whitewash casting, I'm quite confused as to why they made Misa Amane a full-on emo girl (though, I have to say it's better than being a dumb blonde like she was in the anime) and L... a mysterious hooded figure instead of the interesting emo detective clothed in a heavy white shirt with jeans he was in the anime. While I'm not sure how this will turn out, I don't think this will be any good. Maybe ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I understand that the Japanese would rather have white and black American actors portraying the characters of the upcoming Death Note live-action film over non-Japanese Asian Americans, but come on. Hollywood is located in California, which is located in the West Coast, where there should be plenty of Japanese Americans perfect for the roles of the Death Note live-action film! What is up with Hollywood and its continual history of whitewashing in film adaptations based on Asian media? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

WHOA! I just learned that fans of Death Note have recently started a petition to boycott the 2017 live-action adaptation of Death Note! 15,000 signatures and counting! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The petition to boycott this movie is nearly finished! Only a few more hundred signatures and the goal of 17,000 signatures will be met! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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? Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

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11 God's Not Dead 3

Will probably be more stupid and offensive than the other ones

What's next? God's Not Dead SEED? God's Not Dead Wing? God's Not Dead 00? God's Not Dead: Holy-Blooded Believers? - PerfectImpulseX

Will be bad

No! - 445956

12 The Swan Princess 8

I'm not joking. They're making a 8th Swan Princess movie. Please go look on the official Swan Princess website: - PerfectImpulseX

13 Dora the Explorer Dora the Explorer Dora the Explorer (2000 - 2015) is an American educational animated TV series created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh, and Eric Weiner in which Dora goes on adventures with her friend, a monkey named Boots.

I actually want to see this for some reason, if it is going to be like the trailer with Ariel Winter, then I am looking forward to that. But if it is going to be babyish and dumb, then please no. - AnimeDrawer

Please god kill me. - WonkeyDude98

What! I hate dora the explorer I hope this movie will never come out

It sucks

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14 Aquaman (2018)

Aquaman is the worst superhero ever! I have always hated him and I can't believe he is getting his own movie! "Hi, I'm Aquaman and I can breathe underwater and I can talk to sea creatures." His powers are very limited! Also, DC hasn't had a very good track record with movies lately. Wonder Woman looks like it will be good though. But an Aquaman movie? Really? I mean, come on! - MegaSoulhero

Aquaman is the absolute best hero ever! I've always adored him and I'm so excited he is getting his own movie! "Hi, I'm Aquaman, I have amazing abilities involving water" his powers are unlimited! DC has been making constant good content...except that Wonder Woman, though, looks a bit bad. An Aquaman movie, though? Hell yes! - DapperPickle

Aquaman is ugly, and I never really liked him but this movie might turn out good, ya never know. - Confirmation

He looks awful in the D.C. universe, but the reasoning for having his movie on this list comes off as petty because you don't like the character the movie is focusing on. - DCfnaf

15 Suicide Squad 2

The first already sucked. When the first came out the songs sucker for pain and heathens were OVERPLAYYYED - Lunala

I Need Bleach - VideoGamefan5

16 My Little Pony: The Movie

I saw the movie with my mom one time and we both thought it was pretty good.

Who thought this cancer deserved a movie? - PerfectImpulseX

Not a brony but this doesn't look half bad at all - Mcgillacuddy

Eh. - DapperPickle

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17 Angry Birds 2

Please no - Randomator

18 Teen Titans Go the Movie

Avengers infinity war is going to destroy this movie in the box office! - Jay12

Move this higher - Randomator

Yes, it is happening

This is a stupid show, and now they are going to make a movie? I really don't think this will attract as much fans as the original Teen Titans movies...
PS I don't know that much about the original Teen Titans.

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19 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

This should be way up higher, the new actors are terrible and they don't look anything like the old ones. Especially Greg and Rodrick. It makes Rodrick look like a 30 year old and makes Greg look like an 8 year old. - venomouskillingmachine

Saw this recently, and I am sorry my review is taking 12 years to come out, but I want to make my time while reviewing this garbage. Toilet humor, terrible acting, everything is abysmal in quality. - DCfnaf

They sadly replaced the old actors with new ones and I thought these movies died out along time ago.

Move this up higher - Randomator

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20 The Lion King (2019)

Such a cash grab, why can't they make something new like Zootopia, that was one of their first original ideas in years. The animated Lion King is one of the best animated movies of all time, and I BETTER NOT BE DISAPPOINTED BY THIS ONE! At least Gigantic (new idea) is coming out in 2018

I'm not looking forward to this. The animated lion king is great! But a live action one, just doesn't catch my eye. And I can't believe that Tim button is making a live action dumbo movie!

Disney is becoming a cash grab. Don't remake a 10/10 movie like this or Aladdin, remake one of your crap movies. - DCfnaf

Anyone could tell this is Disney making another cash cow film. Here's an idea. Why not remake a bad movie not a good one? - Randomator

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