Isn’t it a little early to judge Toy Story 4?

Oh boy, some people are going to get really mad at me when they read this post, but I don’t care. I’m not afraid to express my opinion.

So if you’ve been in a cave for awhile, Toy Story 3 came out in 2010, and it was awesome. So apparently, someone at Pixar thought of a new story for a Toy Story movie, and they decided to make another Toy Story movie. And the result? Many, many, many post off people. But why are these people mad at a new Toy Story movie? Their mad because the 3rd one ended so well.

Now this is gonna be the most controversial thing ever but here it goes, Toy Story 3 didn’t put a perfect conclusion to the trilogy. Yep I said it. Why? Because of Andy giving his toys to Bonnie! Just because Andy leaving Collage doesn’t mean the trilogy is gonna end well. The toys have a new owner, so of course Pixar is gonna try to make a new movie when the toys have a new owner. And we even seen it in the Toy Story Toons, and tv specials. So what’s wrong with making a 4th movie?

Also people claim this movie was only made for money. NEWS FLASH! It wasn’t! Someone at Pixar thought of a new story to Toy Story, so Pixar liked
that story, and wanted to make a movie on it. And your probably saying.
But RadioHead03. The story for Toy Story 4 is absolute crap, it’s a love story.

NEWS FLASH AGAIN! Pixar actually changed the story. It’s about the toys going on a road trip. See people, this is what happens when you juge things early. Oh, and that’s what a delay does. Pixar was originally going to release the movie in 2017, or 2018 but instead it’s being released in 2019. Maybe Pixar didn’t like some parts of the movie, and decided to change some of it, and didn’t want Toy Story 4 to be the next Cars 2.

So the trailers are already out, and people are still pissed. I don’t blame them. Why? Because teaser trailers always suck! People are judging this movie by the teaser trailers xD. Lol, i’m laughing. What do you people expect from these trailers? The full movie? Teaser trailers are suppose to suck. Wait for a full trailer, and judge your own opinion on it if it’s gonna suck or not. And you might be saying this.
RadioHead03, The Emoji Movie full trailer sucked, and your saying we still can’t judge the movie if it looks bad or not? Well here’s the thing, at least with full trailers, we can judge the movie by the full trailers if it’s gonna suck or not. All i’m saying is that don’t judge Toy Story 4 by it’s teaser trailers. Wait for the full trailer to come out, and then make your opinion on it. If you think it’s gonna be good, that’s fine. If you think it’s gonna suck, that’s fine too. At least full trailers give us information on what the movie is gonna be about.

All I’m saying is, it’s to early to judge Toy Story 4 by the teaser trailers. If you ask me, just wait for a full trailer, and judge your opinion on it. And if you think it’s gonna suck, that’s perfectly fine. Otherwise, people were honestly judging this movie too early before the teaser even released. Don’t judge Toy Story 4 just yet, it’s still early. And if it does flop, don’t say this post didn’t age well. Remember, I wasn’t the person who was judging this movie early.


Completely agree. People should stop judging movies before they watch them or even before they are even released. Same goes for music. People should only judge music after giving it a good listen. Same goes video-games. Play it first, then judge. Heck, it even applies for presidencies. People have said almost everything have to say about Donald trump & we are just half-way through his presidency. - Joeljohns249

I agree with you. - RadioHead03

I think that this movie will be good, and that people are just really overreacting. - visitor

I just saw the movie - UltraIsBack