Upcoming Movies of 2019-2021 Most Likely to Suck

Since we know some info on some upcoming movies, I think we should take a look at some upcoming movies of 2019-2021 that will probably suck.

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1 Dora the Explorer

Not looking as bad as a Emoji movie. - TriggerTrashKid

EXCUSE ME? - Pokemonfan10


I heard about this. Here goes the information I head on it! oh god...

"Dora is in high school and there is something about the jungle that needs to be saved."

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2 Sonic the Hedgehog

...Why? Seriously? Why? Have they not learned from the Super Mario Bros. movie? - Pokemonfan10

That poster... - ElSherlock

This isn't meant to exist.

So far, this movie is not off to a good start. Look at the posters. While the first one is bad, the second one looks worse. What’s up the crouch shot? This movie looks like it’s gonna be bad. And if it is bad, than Sonic’s reputation is gonna get even worse. - RadioHead03

3 Monster Hunter

Yes, a Monster Hunter movie is happening. And it’s the same director who directed the Resident Evil movies, nice. The photos look terrible for this movie. And the plot sounds bad. But hey, it does come out in September 2020, so I guess will have to wait and see what happens. - RadioHead03

4 Minions 2

This one is just unnecessary. This series is a prequel to the original 3 movies. It does not need a pre-sequel unless you want to know how Gru raises the minions after they join him.

You have no idea how mad I am right now. The first Minions is one of the worst animated movie I have ever seen, and the fact that it’s the 2nd highest grossing animated movie of all time just confuses me. It doesn't deserve all that money. So with all that money, they’re gonna make a sequel. And then it’s gonna make more money, and then another Minions movie will happen. I hope that doesn't happen. Hopefully people will boycott this movie, but I doubt it. Why? Because of children. - RadioHead03

5 The Angry Birds Movie 2

I think this has a chance of being a good sequel since the director that made classic Cartoon Network shows will be directing this. - nicolasb5194

When did an addictive video game need a movie.

Well the trailer didn't impress me that much. - RadioHead03

Did this movie really need a sequel? I don't think this movie made a lot of money to have a sequel, but I guess it did. All i’m saying is this is probably gonna suck, unless the directors of the movie learned their mistakes from the first movie, and try to improve. - RadioHead03

6 UglyDolls

This movie is gonna bomb in the box office. I used to have a Ox UglyDoll that my sister gave to me. I think I still have it, but I think I gave it back to my sister. Anyways, UglyDolls looks like it’s gonna suck. It looks like a ripoff of Trolls, and I didn't even like Trolls. I also have a felling this movie is gonna include Fortnite dances because people think their cool. I absolutely have no hope in this movie, and it’s gonna bomb so hard in the box office. - RadioHead03

7 Charlie's Angels

A Charlie’s Angels movie with Kristian Stewart? No thanks. - RadioHead03

8 Artemis Fowl

I guess Disney hasn't learn their lesson from making bad movies based on books. At least A Wrinkle In Time looked good in the trailers.Artemis Fowl looks bad even in the trailers! I have a feeling this movie is gonna bomb, and Disney will lose a lot of money. - RadioHead03

9 The Suicide Squad

Okay, I know it is too early to judge this movie considering that it does come out in 2021. But considering how bad Suicide Squad was, i’m a little worried. Also what’s up with the “The” in the title? - RadioHead03

10 Legally Blonde 3

Since Legally Blonde 2 was a disappointing sequel, i’m afraid this one might be too. - RadioHead03

The Contenders

11 Toy Story 4 Toy Story 4

Buzz Lightyear closes helmet on Duck's foot. Duck shouts:"Skree! "

The 3rd movie was a good ending. This one is just unnecessary.

Okay I do agree that the 3rd one ended well but guys, it’s Toy Story. When do you think Pixar can screw up a Toy Story movie? And if they did, that’s not good. - RadioHead03

12 Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

...maybe, maybe not. - Pokemonfan10

Oh shut up Pokémon is old.

13 Star Wars IX (2019)

"The Last Jedi" set up the movie so badly for a sequel, and now Carrie Fisher is dead (Rest in peace). This movie is either gotta be worse that then Attack of the Clones, or be hella amazing.

I don't know if this movie will be good.

14 The Secret Life of Pets 2

How could I forget to add this? - RadioHead03

15 Aladdin

It looks ok, stop being so nostalgic with the 90s version.

After watching that special look, I don't have faith in the movie anymore. - RadioHead03

16 Super Intelligence

A movie about Melissa Mcharthy getting snarky talk from her electronic appliances. Yeah, seams exiting... - RadioHead03

17 Lady & the Tramp

A live action Lady & The Tramp movie? Are you kidding me? This is the most unnecessary Disney Live Action movie of all time! I don't care if it’s gonna be on Disney+, it’s unnecessary! - RadioHead03

18 The Boss Baby 2

Completely forgot about this one. I hated the first one. It didn't need a sequel. - RadioHead03

Correct, we could've had a Madagascar 4, Over The Hedge 2, or Puss In Boots 2 instead. - masoncarr2244

19 Barbie

Come on BARBIE LETS GO PARTY! - RadioHead03

20 The Billion Brick Race

Lego Movies suck except for the 1st one in my opinion. I don't even get why these movies are a thing in the first place. - B1ueNew

Okay, there’s too much Lego movies. We need a break from them. - RadioHead03

21 The Lion King

Yes, I'm serious. They're remaking it.

Any non children movies? - westofohio

22 Captain Marvel Captain Marvel Carol Susan Jane Danvers, or Captain Marvel, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gene Colan, Danvers first appeared as an officer in the United States Air Force and a colleague of the Kree superhero Mar-Vell in ...read more.
23 Dungeons & Dragons

There was a Dungeons & Dragons movie. We don't talk about that one. Hoping this one doesn't end up like that one. - RadioHead03

24 Grudge

Grudge is getting rebooted... great...
Well, at least it got a delay. It was suppose to come out summer 2019, but it got delayed to January 3rd 2020. - RadioHead03

25 Dark Phoenix
26 Mulan
27 The SpongeBob Movie: It's a Wonderful Sponge
28 Joker (2019)

Remember that Halle Berry Catwoman movie? Think of that with the Joker, and you have this dumpster fire.

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