Top Ten Upcoming ZagToon Shows as of 2016

Zagtoon not only make Miraculous, right? Here, there are many upcoming Zagtoon shows that we want to see in the future!

The Top Ten

1 Pixie Girl

I'm already obsessed with this show and it's not even out yet! O.O - Stevenuniversefangirl

2 Zak Storm: Super Pirates Zak Storm: Super Pirates

I am super excited for this, probably because it hopefully won't be long before this is released in the USA and it just looks awesome to me. Also I'm hoping Zak Storm will eventually get a crossover with Miraculous.

3 Tales of Feryon
4 GhostForces GhostForces

Looks like a better, updated version of Danny Phantom! - Stevenuniversefangirl

Looks great

5 Gayajin
6 Denver and Cliff
7 Power Toys
8 Melody
9 Abominable
10 SuperStar

SuperStar looks amazing! - MarinetteNoir

The Contenders

11 Adventure Park
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