Top Ten Updates Splatoon Should Get


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1 A new game mode

The current ones are really boring, and Ranked has pretty much become a place for people to rig the game so they can win. If a new interesting game mode would come out, it would be great. - Swellow

Sadly, there's just one left - Martinglez

Which one? I've been living under a rock for a while because of how bored I've got of the game. - Swellow

What about an offline turf war with COMs so that you don't have to wait for new players and you can continue to plays platoon even after people stop playing online.

2 New Octo Valley updates

Come on, we need some challenge with story mode updates, come on! Octo Valley is interesting, but not long enough. - Swellow

Again, that would have to be on the disc itself, not an online update. - mattstat716

3 More advanced session options

This would be great if you want to play a competitive game. - Swellow

4 Ability to create custom stages

As long as there's a "report" button for troll/awful stages, among other "custom game" features seen in other games, this would be a feature that would be great on it's own. - Swellow

5 Report player features

This would be great, especially for trolls, hackers and game-ruiners. Remember the Octoling hacker with the Hydra Splatling? Do you want a repeat of that or not? I certainly don't so this should happen soon. - Swellow

6 More playable "-ling" characters

Inklings are unique, but they get boring over time. We should have more characters, such as Octolings, and maybe a way to incorporate Jellyfish humanoids. - Swellow

7 More hairstyles

Not a hair salon feature, but more hairstyles to choose from. This would make Inklings unique. - Swellow

8 More plaza features

Why not have a bit more to the plaza? Splatfests can get a bit repetitive, so why not have something to make things more diverse? - Swellow

9 More Splatfest features

I hope Splatfest gets an upgrade, or else it won't really be fun. - Swellow

10 Reduce the amount of times Splatfests are on

A special event should be on every month or so, not every 2/3 weeks. - Swellow

Now it is never.

Hope you're happy. - mattstat716

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11 Hideki Naganuma's music featured in game
12 Red Ink
13 Playable Octolings

This would be great

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