Top Ten Uppermost Songs

The Top Ten

1 Beautiful Light

Personally, this one is Uppermost's best track to date. it is one of a kind

2 Futur

This one truly is a revolting track upon itself

3 Dance

Dance in this screeching piece of electro waves

4 Night Walk

A beautiful piece maintaining to its name

5 The Norm

Uppermost brings a perfect fuse between Numb by Linkin Park and Blue by Eiffel 65

6 True

With the Asian style at the beginning, this one instantly grabs our ears in a chill

7 Téléguidé

This piece takes time as it brings us closer and closer to a euphoric trance

8 Flashback

This one indeed brings about memories. A flashback of sound

9 Lovely Soul

A sweet and lovely muse electronic rhymes

10 No Human Code

It is simply the best of all the genres that Uppemost generated, kicking off calm and tranquil and travelling to the apex of the music rage

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