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61 Hairy Hands of Dartmoor Road
62 La Segua
63 Annabelle the Doll

She's almost as haunted as Robert. It's said that one man who mocked her died not long after leaving the museum. His motorcycle went out of control and hit a tree.

64 Aka Manto

His name means 'red cape' in our language. If you find him, he will ask if you if you want red or blue paper. If you ask for red, he will butcher you like a pig being turned into pork chops (sorry for mentioning that.), if you want blue paper, he will choke you. If you ask for another type of paper, he will bring you to the underworld. How do you survive? Don't ask for any paper.

65 Island of Dolls

I wouldn't want to be somewhere full of creepy dolls that may be possessed, with eyes that follow you wherever you step. That's just freaky!

66 Phantom Whistler of Louisiana
67 Bunny Man Bridge
68 Red Room Curse
69 The Dybbuk Box
70 Well to Hell
71 Cursed Kleenex Commercial
72 Blind Maiden
73 Hidden Message in the Dora the Explorer Theme Song

One of the lyrics backwards is keep your sweater up and yeah well need some food - epictoonsfan1

74 Squidward's Suicide

It's a big one but I think its fake - epictoonsfan1

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