Top 10 Uriah Heep Songs with the Best Vocals

Uriah Heep are a British rock band that peaked in the 70s but they are still active.
Their sound in the 70s was a mix of art rock/prog rock/hard rock touching on metal.

Uriah Heep had great singers - David Byron and John Lawton. Both had powerful voices with incredible ranges and vocal technique. Both are criminally underrated singers.

The Top Ten

1 July Morning

Vox: David Byron
An epic song, 10+ minutes. - Metal_Treasure

Forgot to mention in the list description that Uriah Heep is the favorite band of some of the finest metal musicians, mostly singers (no wonder why) - King Diamond, Hansi Kursch, Jarkko Ahola, as well as of some black metal musicians.
King Diamond even named his son after Uriah Heep singer David Byron - Byron. - Metal_Treasure

2 Sympathy

Vox: John Lawton - Metal_Treasure

3 Bird of Prey

That intro scream by David Byron is one of the best I know and I know many screams, trust me! - Metal_Treasure

4 The Hanging Tree

Vox: John Lawton
Play the sample and be convinced. - Metal_Treasure

5 Look at Yourself

Actually David Byron is not singing here,its Ken Hensley in lead vocals.They both have very similiar voices so his very hard to tell.The reason why Ken singed here was because David Byron had throat problems at the time. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

When the backing vocalist can sing like that, you know it's a band with great singers! - Metal_Treasure

6 Come Back to Me

Vox: John Lawton - Metal_Treasure

7 Easy Livin' - Uriah Heep

Vox: David Byron - Metal_Treasure

8 Free Me - Uriah Heep

Vox: John Lawton - Metal_Treasure

9 Rollin On

Vox: John Lawton - Metal_Treasure

10 Rainbow Demon

Vox: David Byron - Metal_Treasure

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