Best US Special Operations Fighting Forces

The Top Ten

1 Navy Seals
2 Army Special Forces

The training on land is the same for basically the Seals Green Beret Rangers and Marines.All are very demanding and all should be proud tobwear the Tabs..


3 Air Force PJS

The pjs are okay but they don't get a lot of missions

4 Air Force CCTS
5 Force Recon Marine

Marines have to march 20 miles in tear gas with a 200 pound dumy on there back and here still not even force recon yet

6 Navy EoD
7 United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command

It's like navy seals training but they do a few things extra not much on them that's how secret they are

8 Delta Force
9 JTF2, Joint Task Force 2 Canada

One of the best

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