Top 10 USA Mobile App Development Companies in 2017

If you are reading this, chances are you want a mobile app developed. Basically, you are in the same place as I was a month ago, when I started looking out for a mobile app development company to build my app. As I kept searching, I realized what a stressful and daunting task it is to zero in on the right vendor. Even a simple LinkedIn search threw up a baffling 307 such companies servicing the Bay area alone. You can very well imagine where a Google search may lead you - nowhere!

While some app development studios had the development expertise, they lacked a unique design sensibility and the ones who could differentiate themselves on the basis of design didn’t have enough years of development experience under the belt. After having talked to multiple companies, clients and friends, I compiled a list of top 10 mobile app development companies who outrank their competitors based on their innovation, design and clientele.

Hope this can help you avoid hours of nerve racking search and if you are in a hurry to get your product out, then this maybe the most useful list you’ll be reading today.

The Top Ten

1 July Rapid

July Rapid is an innovation and design focused services team of July Systems, an end-to-end mobility platform and services provider. They design, deploy and manage both consumer and enterprise applications for smartphones, tablets, IoT and Wearables. They use their home grown MADP " July MX, to speed the development process and provide a full suite of app development services.

Founded in: 2001
Location: San Francisco, US
Team size: 50 to 249
Key Clients: CNN, Fox News, Disney, ESPN, NFL, MovieTickets, Toys R Us, Teleflora - mobiledev

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2 Dom & Tom

Dom & Tom is an end-to-end digital product development studio focused on emerging technologies. From startups to enterprise solutions the apps they produce support their strategic initiatives first and foremost through open collaboration, forward-thinking user experience, engaging design, & cross-platform development for both web and mobile.

Founded in: 2009
Location: New York City, US
Team size: 50 to 249
Key Clients: Tyson Foods, University of Oklahoma, Ashoka, Fitch Ratings, Bonobos - mobiledev

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3 Appster

A relatively new company, Appster happens to be another fast growing App Development company. With offices in 3 continents from Melbourne to San Francisco, they focus on working with people with incredible ideas. They have a vision for creating the most innovative app technology company in the world.

Founded in: 2011
Location: San Francisco, US
Team size: 250 to 999
Key Clients: Liberal Party Australia, Kent Moving & Storage, CFMEU, Anglicare - mobiledev

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4 WillowTree Apps

WillowTree, Inc. is an industry-leading app design and development agency. They have a team of award-winning mobile strategists, UX/UI designers, and software engineers who have delivered over 300 mobile solutions to the world's leading enterprise and consumer-facing companies.

Founded in: 2007
Location: Virginia, US
Team size: 50 to 249
Key Clients: GE, Johnson & Johnson, Regal Cinema Group, HBO - mobiledev

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5 Robosoft Technologies

Robosoft Technologies is an end-to-end Mobile and Digital solutions company with over 500 experts across the US, India and UAE, working with Global clients.

Founded in: 1999
Location: Palo Alto, US
Team size: 250 to 999
Key Clients: AKQA, MXM, CP+B, WWF, AARP - mobiledev

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6 ArcTouch

ArcTouch helps brands connect more deeply with customers through custom experiences for mobile phones, tablets and smart things. Their range of services includes app strategy, design, engineering and lifecycle management. They like to exchange ideas with their community of customers and partners.

Founded in: 2008
Location: San Francisco, US
Team size: 50 to 249
Key Clients: NBC, Honeywell, Yahoo, CBS, Guess - mobiledev

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7 Innoppl Inc.

Great insights with industry! Will give you full scope of support for the project.

They are reliable and work is top notch! Highly recommended!

Our company had a great experience working with Innoppl

What can I say. They get the job done.

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8 MentorMate

MentorMate is an award-winning software development firm with experience in user-first strategy and proven experience in platform creation " designing and delivering solutions since 2001. They are driven to be the best and organize yearly conferences to help businesses remain ahead of the ever-accelerating technology curve.

Founded in: 2001
Location: Minneapolis, US
Team size: 250 to 999
Key Clients: Thomson Reuters, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Fluke - mobiledev

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9 DesignSkulls DesignSkulls Visit Website9
10 Small Planet Digital

Small Planet is a digital product agency focused on driving business success by creating extraordinary experiences for mobile and other connected devices. They work with some of the world’s top organizations and brands, from Fortune 500 companies to leading universities and nonprofits, all of whom are seeking to impact users’ lives meaningfully.

Founded in: 2009
Location: New York, US
Team size: 10 to 49
Key Clients: Planned Parenthood, Viacom, The NPD Group, Amplify - mobiledev

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The Contenders

11 MobiCommerce MobiCommerce MobiCommerce is a trusted ecommerce website and mobile app solution for B2C and B2B businesses as well as multi-vendor marketplaces. Growth-minded entrepreneurs around the world increase sales to online and mobile customers using the fully-tested, feature-rich, reliable, and affordable solutions from more.

MobiCommerce must be included in the list of top 10 USA Mobile App Development Companies in 2017. - audreyzack

One of my best mobile app builder company work with, management good, fastest growing, I have seen from. 10 to 60 in one year, 99℅ employees satisfaction. - audreyzack

12 IDAP Group

IDAP is a mobile development company with 8 years experience. They have deep technical expertise in iOS and Android development, so their company is a perfect one-stop shop for startups, small to middle-sized enterprises and private clients. Their main goal is to deliver only most premium mobile solutions, which will satisfy and keep users craving for more.

Founded in: 2008
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Team size: 10 to 49
Key Clients: Coca-Cola, BMW, Bayer, JTI, Spriing Digital Media, Network 90 - mobiledev

13 Seguro Technologies

Seguro Technologies is one of the leading mobile app development companies which strives to provide excellent quality products and services. - Neilalbs

14 Citrusbits
15 Ezetech Ezetech

Ezetech is a dev shop helping non-technical entrepreneurs minimize time to product/market fit. It serves as an implementation partner taking care of the technical aspects, so that founders can shift their focus to strategy, marketing and business development. The scope of their services covers initial planning and product scoping, software architecture, compliance, digital strategy, developing MVP s, further product development (iteration), and maintenance.

Founded in: 2015
Location: New York, USA, Kyiv, Ukraine
Team size: 10 to 49
Key Clients: Koyfin, Exploratorium,, SpoiledNY - Oleksii

16 DigiFutura

Best website and App Development company In Usa

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