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21 Strontium

Strontium has the best quality above all!

Best quality and great design.

Best quality and fast

Best of oll

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22 Kingmax

I got a 4gb kingmax and still kicking despite of lost cover cap and just tied case... by the way I used mine as 6yrs now lol

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23 Verbatim

They are perfect for me, not for performance but not for 10k file! I'm using it for project, Work great, recommended!

24 Maxell

Its lasted for 4 years and gone in with my clothes in the washing machine a couple times. It's so awesome

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25 TwinMOS

Very faster, Nice & cheap...

26 Patriot

These are hard to find but I feel they're the fastest drives available. If you want speed nothing can beet a patriot. Its data transfer rate is almost incredible and outmatches everyone

Fastest and reliable drives I ever used, this should be on the top of the list, the supersonic magnum series is the top of the class!

Best pen... I used in patriot mini pen drive and no issue came...
I will think this is the best pen drive... Almost

27 Emtec

It's pretty sweet, what can I say?

28 PenDrive

Actually this brand top in Malaysia

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29 Team

I'm using team fusion 2GB for more than 3 years now, and it's the best brand for me.. It should be in rank 3 at least.

30 Buffalo

Amazing Designs and Fantastic finishing! Using Same USB drive for around 5 years.

31 Ridata

top 1

32 Diunamai
33 Intenso
34 Duracell

Is the best flash drive...

35 KingCom Digital

I really love this because they have no virus can enter


For about 3 years I am using Genx 8 gb pendrive. It is light small and nice. It have a average speed. Genx is not so expensive. For a average use I recommend to buy Genx usb flash drives.

37 Western Digital
38 Olkya
39 USB Direct
40 Frohne
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