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41 Verico
42 datAshur

The most secure and the most cool flash drive you can buy. You can have your contact details added so if you lose it, it can be found. Also I guess if your data is not important though just use a non-encrypted, non returnable flash drive!

I love these devices. It simply works out of the box, easy to setup and use and no software components to worry about. It is also cheap enough that if you do lose it, you will not break the bank, your data may be lost, but you can be assured it is safe.

Most secure flash drive that doesn't need software to decrypt!

Easier and more secure than any of the above, FACT! 100%hardware encryption, PIN activated! Enter PIN on device not on host :)
I'm very very happy with mine, recommend to all.

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43 Croma

I am using it till 9 yrs still working best

44 Cruzer Glide

I had this for a year but it has 4 giga bites and it held 7 games.
Good type of flash drive.

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