Best Use of a Pre-Existing Song in Movies or TV

What song was the most perfect choice for a tv show or movie soundtrack?
The Top Ten
1 Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen in Wayne's World
2 And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going in Dreamgirls
3 Eye of the Tiger by Survivor in Rocky Balboa

from now on, when you here eye of the tiger, you get pumped up and want to just jump around or fight. - jwileson

4 Iron Man by Black Sabbath in Iron Man

I pretty much missed the movie the first time I watched it because I was like where's the song, where's the song, but then I watched it and payed attention, and it's my favorite movie - Queen-aholic

I'm in love with this movie. and this song. - kristinfoor

5 I Know, You Know by Friendly Indians in Psych(Tv)
6 Superman by Lazlo Bane in Scrubs(Tv)
7 Panama by Van Halen in Superbad
8 What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong in Toy Story
9 Dracula from Houston by Butthole Surfers in Scrubs(Tv)
10 The End by The Doors in Apocalypse Now
The Contenders
11 I'll Be There For You by The Remembrants in Friends(Tv)
12 Keep Hope Alive by The Crystal Method in Bones(Tv)
13 Rubberneckin' by Elvis in Fred Claus
14 Hail Holy Queen in Sister Act
15 Life Is a Highway In Cars
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