Top Ten Most Used Forms of Propaganda

The Top Ten

1 Ad Nauseam

Tireless repetition of an idea. An idea especially a simple slogan repeated enough times, may begin to be taken as truth. - Dyshpo

Four legs good, two legs better. - keycha1n

2 Appeal to Authority

Appeals to authority cite prominent figures to support a idea or course of action. - Dyshpo

3 Appeal to Fear

Building support by instilling fear and anxiety. - Dyshpo

4 Appeal to Prejudice

Using loaded or emotive terms to attach value or moral goodness to believing the proposition. - Dyshpo

5 Bandwagon

Bandwagon and "inevitable victory" appeals to persuade the target to join what everyone else is doing. - Dyshpo

6 Common Man

Pretending to be or support the common people by acting less educated. - Dyshpo

7 Euphemism

Like instead of calling Obama a nword conservatives called him a Kenyan or Socialist. - Dyshpo

8 Flag-Waving

Overt patriotism or call for nationalism to distract from rational thought. - Dyshpo

Wasn't this done a lot during World War II?

9 Red Herring

Presenting data or issues that, while compelling have nothing to do with the argument at hand, and then claiming that it validates the argument. - Dyshpo

10 Intentional Vagueness

Generalities are deliberately vague so that the audience may supply its own interpretations. - Dyshpo

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11 Ad Tempt
12 Demonizing the Enemy
13 Music
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