Top Ten Most Used and Overused YouTube Poop Jokes

The first YouTube Poop was created in 2004. Since then, thousands of them have been created. They have introduced new jokes, many of which get old very quickly. Let's take a look at these jokes.

Don't worry about the order of the list. Your voting and comments should put it into proportion, hopefully.

The Top Ten Most Used and Overused YouTube Poop Jokes

1 Mama Luigi

The thirteenth and last Super Mario World T.V. episode "Mama Luigi" has been used as early as 2008, possibly before. Not too many YTPs are dedicated to this episode, though. - FantasyBrickz

2 "Sauce" jokes

Not if the video is made by cs188!

The offspring of "JoJ", words such as "solid" have been reversed partway through to create "sos". This can be done with any vowel. However, this joke has become overused extremely quickly, surpassing "JoJ". - FantasyBrickz

Three main points: 1) "Sauce/Sus/Sos" (or however you want to spell it) is the most overused joke in YTPs, bar none; I am surprised that it isn't number one. 2) Sus jokes actually precede joj jokes by two years. Captain Rescue Gets a Slim Pack of Double Mint Gum by KroboProductions (the first YTP with sus) predates cs188's No One Needs Foundation Repair (the first video with joj) by two years. 3) Why put sentence mixing on this list? Sentence mixing is a vital part of YTP humor; most YTPs are actually quite dull without sentence mixing. It's what makes them great.

3 Rick Rolls


"Rick Roll" is an Internet joke using the sudden appearance of Rick Astley's music video "Never Gonna Give You Up". It is an overused YTP joke. - FantasyBrickz

4 Hotel Mario

Gay Luigi

All toasters toast toast! Say that five times fast!

This game's cutscenes have been used excessively in recent years. Bowser's laugh and Luigi's line: "I hope she made lotsa spaghetti! " have especially been overused. Hotel Mario isn't all bad though: in 2009, Big Beat Mario, one of the most popular YTPMVs of all time, was produced using only clips from Hotel Mario. - FantasyBrickz

5 JoJ


You want the JoJ the first time, right? And when it comes to JOJ, you need to call HoH SiS

"JoJ" is a reversal of the word "job", derived from a North Texas Foundation Repair commercial. It was first used by cs188. Since then, it has become parent of similar reversed words: sos, coc, HOH SIS, and many more. - FantasyBrickz

6 Ear Rape

These are quite annoying, as they play an audio clip at an extreme volume. These could be used less. - FantasyBrickz

It's hilarious when this happens! YoshiManiac's Rudolph YTP had some of the best!

7 Pingas

"Pingas" is made to sound like - well, you know. It is part of a sentence said by Robotnik from The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog - "Snooping as usual, I see." - FantasyBrickz

Touch my PINGAS!

8 Ma boi

"Ma boi" is a line said by King Harkinian in the Legends of Zelda cartoon. It has become a very popular YTP joke. - FantasyBrickz

9 Robotnik Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik is a fictional video game character and the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, created by Sega.

Robotnik from The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog has been heavily overused, besides his overused quotes "Pingas", "No", and "Silence". - FantasyBrickz

10 Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen is a British children's storyteller who has been used in YTP over the last few years. - FantasyBrickz

The Newcomers

? "Lotsa Spaghetti"
? It's Over 9000!

The Contenders

11 I wonder what's for dinner

This line said by King Harkinian from The Legends of Zelda cartoon has been used more than enough, especially just the "dinner" part. - FantasyBrickz

12 Sentence Mixing

This may be overused, but it's fun to do!

They are used a lot in YouTube Poops, they take audio clips from other scenes, and mixes them with another audio clip to make a word out of it

This is the best part of YTPs

Who put my d0o4o0 over there?

13 Asdfmovie snippets

I am a stegosaurus!

14 HoH

It's HoH SiS, not HoH.

15 Weegee
16 Distort
17 I.M. Meen

"Oh look what clever children! " This CD-i character from the educational game of the same name has been greatly used over the years, especially by hoffy1138. - FantasyBrickz

18 Gay Luigi
19 No - Hotel Mario
20 Stutter Loop
21 G-Major
22 Speed Up
23 Slow Down
24 Spamming Repeats
25 SpongeBob Memes
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