Top Ten Most Useful Five Nights at Freddy's World Characters

What's happening guys, this is DCfnaf! Here's a list of the most useful FNaF World Characters! Remember to add "Adventure" in front of each character's name!

The Top Ten

Adventure Fredbear

Fred Bear!

Adventure Spring Bonnie
Adventure Funtime Foxy

It's Adventure Fixed Mangle

Its cosmic song and gift box makes it a tough force to be reckoned with. - - Ultron123

Adventure Springtrap

Yes! Definitely! His Springlocks move can do over 1000 damage and it also does area damage. Awesome!

Adventure Shadow Bonnie

Shadow Bonnie is also here!

Adventure Endo 02
Adventure Nightmare
Adventure Nightmare Fredbear
Adventure Crying Child
Adventure Withered Bonnie

The Contenders

Adventure Freddy Fazbear

Leader for the win

Adventure Bonnie
Adventure Chica
Adventure Foxy
Adventure Withered Freddy

His escape key move is AMAZING

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